Promising MMO World With Ship Of Heroes

When it comes to role playing games and massively multiplayer online games, we have plenty medievals to choose from. Excessive, in my opinion. Glad to see all the effort in keeping the super-hero genre buzzing. Since publishing a graphic novel, a good hero MMO gives great visuals and backstory to my character. Find it very hard to do that with all the ancient repeated online games. Plus, they lack in character depth. All have the same skin tone and type. Clothing or material is very limited.

Ship Of Heroes looks to be a breath of fresh air in that department. The graphic engine is beyond up to date, gives your toon a total new feel. From readings, they will allow players  as many tools as possible to achieve the design they desire. Powers, physics, as well as accessibility is expected to improve the approach to online hero games. Here are some recent videos from SOH in the slider below.

I'm happy to see their progress, so far. I l know how tedious creating one 3D character can be, I could imagine an entire game. Best of regards to the developers at on The Ship!


Smackdown Live Quickview(9/19)

After one of the more thrilling endings to a Smackdown in a very long time with Kevin Owens head butting Vince McMahon; it was followed up with a very below par episode this week. It wasn't all bad I just mostly,but I want to give credit were it's due. I thought Shane response was just good enough; would have like to seen a bit more emotions, but it's a minor criticism.  t Owens via satellite interview hit just all the right notes,l and he does an excellent job at wanting to see him get his come up. Finally bringing back Charlotte is long overdue, while I think she is miscast as a Babyface her presence on the show does give it a bigger feel. I was actually intrigued buy the backstage segment with the Hype Bros; it's always refreshing to see wrestlers who always loose week in and week out  actually give a damn and want to do something about it. This is obviously hinting at a heel turn coming, and I must say there have been an alarming amount of turns the last year or so; in this case It will actually makes sense. Now to the biggest anchor holding back SD which is Jinder Mahal who continues to really damage the overall feel of the show; it really is a ridiculous disservice to your fans when you have a roster filled up and down with high level talents such as Nakamura, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, just to name a few; but you serve your fans Jinder Mahal. It's been well established yes he has a great look, but that's it! He's proven to be an average wrestler at best,and he's a well below than average promo. Until the core issues are fixed with Smackdown Live I don't see much changing; it will continue to be a very un balanced show. Have to wait and see. Enjoy

Track Of The Day

Mackelmore will grace is back at it again "Good Old Days". This is the 3rd or 4th track that has been released from his upcoming album later this month. While I'm a bigger fan than most; he continues to show an ability or willingness to try to be diverse on what he speaks about. In the process it might come across as inauthentic to some, but to me just shows a man who understand what the art form is truly all about ; telling poetic stories about how you view life, and not just the amount of money you've acquired.

Relive the revolutionary Mae Young Classic

Raw Quickview(9/19/2017)

Last night's Monday Night Raw was the go home show for No Mercy this Sunday. The majority of the show was filled with video packages that were designed to build up the 2 Main Event matches. First and foremost WWE did a very nice job remembering Bobby Heenan; this blog isn't the time to get into the significance he played in wrestling history just not WWE. The stand alone promo by Roman was performed decently, but the it's been completely flawed since the beginning with the constant tearing down of each others characters. The sit down interview between Lesnar and Strowmam was solid and continues to build strong interest in their match this Sunday.
The final thought is on Bailey returning and being added to fatal 4 way on; why WWE is hard pressed to just put all the women in one match. It makes hard to get invested in any particular character when the whole division just feels the same. Either way No Mercy is being sold on the 2 big main events and WWE has done adequate job that end so there will be a lot of interest for this show. Enjoy