• Machen posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    Today’s Track of the day “The What” from Biggie featuring Method Man is a Classic.  How could it not it be, 1st you had The Late Great BIG not only know for  being a great lyricist, but the majority Biggie’s best tracks touched on depression, suicide, paranoia, remorse, and anxiety.
    Issues that are often strayed away from in today’s “Let’s just have fun” Hip Hop climate. Then Method Man who I think is unfairly left off most people’s most influential artist. Not only is Wu-Tang Clan footprints still being seen today, Method was the 1st and most successful one to come out of the group. Nearly a quarter of century later and Method is still seen across numerous platforms across the world. Enjoy

    • Yea, many artists don’t like to expose themselves or feel vulnerable. Pac and Big expressed those often, which lead to longevity and loyal fans