About Us

The Aim

Art and music are synonymous. RAN allows you a platform of your own. Catering to each member's content, as well as, social networks. It doesn't stop there, start your own forum or web chat. Even if you just want a page to enjoy as a fan. This site is for you.

Our Approach

A true home for talented people. Most often, gifts come with complication. This online community allows artists to relax, get comfortable. We are the most misunderstood by ones we deal with day to day. Here, your story needs no explanation.



” – the homie 1shot got a drive behind his project! It’s dope to be apart of “The Tune Up” tape as my boy on his way to make history #WeWorkin ” Jamal Gasol

“Being an artist who isn’t considered “popular” I found it hard to get my music heard. I started to feel like no one cared about talent anymore. RAN reached out and wanted to work (post me on the website) and since then I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting more support (song and video plays) and attention. I feel like if it wasn’t for RAN, that wouldn’t have been possible. Running with RAN has been one of the best things I could’ve done for my music career.” Merlino