Bang Session Show Freestyle Highlights

These are some of the best freestyles I have ever heard. I was a fan, as well, a participant. All the Rhyme All Night artists spit unwritten, non-premeditated, rhymes. Every thing came at that moment!

Every type of Hip Hop beat was played, without warning. The emcees would switch flows and patterns at moment tracks changed. We heard the tunes that were poppin back in 2011 - 2012. Old school classics that gave you goose bumps, DJ Jay Williams even played Reggae riddims. Lines pulled out the atmosphere that sound better many albums. There was no style mishandled!

I have to biggup the livest on the turntables, DJ Jay Williams for provided the resources for the most creatives ciphers online today. Biggup to the extremely talented artists like Rico Law, Feeva Rollout, Maniatico, just to name a few.

Enough typing...

Listen To These Ciphers Below