• Glue Hefner – Law Of Attraction: The Power Of Words What It Sound Like? Feels great to be back at the keyboard for such an occasion! Currently, these write-ups are for exclusives. So, I had to bring Continue reading

  • Shotty SEO wrote a new post 1 year, 9 months ago

    What It Sound Like?

    These write-ups have been a tool that lets people connect with me other than my own music. Ideally, I wouldn’t think like a rapper while covering a song or project. I can’t always detain […]

  • Shotty SEO wrote a new post 2 years ago

    What It Sound Like?

    The internet is virtual real estate. Our community is the livest! I’m always encountering a new neighbor, most are pleasant. Tonight’s neighbor is from the R&B building.

    New to […]

  • Shotty SEO wrote a new post 2 years ago

    It’s a special feeling the artist, not only understands the idea, but they really enjoy Silent Sillo!

    I’d like to thank Ray Bermudez and Carlos Gomes Cabral for such detailed illustrations. It’s not easy […]

  • Shotty SEO wrote a new post 2 years ago

    What It Sound Like?

    This one is also about the visual. Salute to all my comrades utilizing technology for prosperity. Watching a video used to be the only access we had. Now, we are the video!

    Big shout to […]

  • Shotty SEO wrote a new post 2 years, 1 month ago

    If it’s your first time, Rhyme All Night is about spreading positive energy. Particularly, that energy comes from independent artists. Though, this brother is respected and recognized, I feel what he’s done […]

  • I heavily appreciate all the All Nighters putting good music out there. The independent Hip Hop circuit is the engine to the industry. If you’ve been following the roster over the passed few years, this […]

  • There are no fancy words or clever phrases. Another All Nighter has left Earth. I want to say some words for our sister, That Blessed Girl. Better known by her family as, Chenika Bowens. We met through the music. […]

  • This is a league of trend setters, dedicated to their craft. There’s a climbing amount of artists that go unnoticed for doing things a famous person gets praised for. We witness some of the greatest branding […]

  • The duo. Something that’s played an important role in Hip Hop, as well as the NBA. I always thought the two had a duo connection, themselves. Tonight’s theme fuses basketball and Hip Hop in a team […]

  • I need the crowd put to your mics up and salute our comrade. Never easy to accept or understand when someone we know loses their physical life. I was cool with this artist, it still bothers me. Fortunately, his […]

  • In my earlier years of doing this, I suggested more artists to have a site or blog. I’m glad to increase in Hip Hop blogs. We can’t rely on mainstream media to handle it. While I’ve been away from journalism, […]

  • Over the next few days you will notice changes to our RAN Ink Kids & Adults page. New apparel and merch will be found on our Teespring page. Use the link to see our new Kids Gamers line. 

    Watch Our New Commercial

  • Today I want to share some ways to earn extra money with little effort. It won’t be an immediate fortune, but you won’t have to leave your location to do it. Plus, the content is relative to things you may […]

  • Join us tonight! We’ll be watching the first episode to our new podcast, Night Lights. The season kicks off with the North Philly emcee,                           King Merlino. Show begins 7pm Eastern, lock […]

  • Here’s a free preview of tomorrow’s release with Mercedez Miller. You can replay it in the background. The button is at the top right.

    The single will be on sale 2/26/2021. I understand some parts of the […]

  • Blood Of The Fowl – Lunatic

    Che Uno – God Brother’s Feat. Falcon Outlaw (Prod. Es Ey El)

    The Lupus Dei Experience – Respeckfully (EP)

    Eddie Kaine & Bad Beats 87 – Survive (Official Video)

    Fred The Godson – […]

  • Pro Rap Academy believes they have the tips to help you improve your freestyle better than Kendrick Lamar

    Ever wanted to be an actor? […]

  • Machen wrote a new post 2 years, 9 months ago

    Live casino games provide online gamblers the real entertainment and socializing of brick-and online casinos. They use video cameras to transmit live roulette wheels and cards to your personal computer. […]

  • Machen wrote a new post 2 years, 9 months ago

    If you love playing online casino games, then it is your bounden duty to locate a satisfying pastime and invest quality time in it. The online casinos have developed many gaming systems to entertain their online […]

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