• Since yesterday was impossible today will be a 2 for 1 special Track Of The Day; for some D Block doesn’t carry the same significance it once did, but for me and many more D Block is truly the benchmark in […]

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  •  Last night’s Raw was all about The Shield, and hats off to WWE for just accomplishing and bringing the subtle aspects of the trio; by coming through the crowd with the old Shield music plus gear was a nice […]

  • There are songs that you hear and you forget immediately, but then there are those tracks that are literally impossible to forget. “Deja Vu” is that track for me; I admit if you’ve had zero […]

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    This has been definitely a news worthy week in WWE; from Sami heel turn to Shield reuniting and even Enzo Crusherweight title reing ending suddenly. Indeed there were quite a few exciting developments this […]

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    Today’s Track of The Day comes from an artist who’s commonly known(no pun intended) but rarely spoken about Common. I must admit I’m just as guilty as anyone else for never mentioned someone who has been in […]

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  • Mos Def “Ms Fat Booty” hit level of depth that I genuinely believes reaches over most people head. This is a huge reason why it’s on my 5 star tracklist. The tilte of the track stears you to a certain […]

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  • You can absolutely never go wrong with DMX & Jay-Z in the classic “Money, Cash, Hoes”. This is by far the best song these two ever collaborated on, even though there aren’t that many to choose from. This is a 5 […]

  • I must say after watching last night’s go home show for “Hell In The Cell” my optimism for the show was diminished just a tad bit with some oddly scripted segments. In actually it may not […]

  • It’s not easy to touch on anything religious in music today; very few have tried less have done so successfully. Joe Budden’s “Pray For Me” tackles religion in a very audacious manner. Having the gale to point […]

  • Tuesday Night will be WWE’S final last push to get the fans invested in Sundays “Hell In A Cell”. The main storylines have for the most part have  been booked adequate and the final goal should be to not ruin […]

  • Well not to say I told you so, but I told you so, honestly who didn’t see this coming it was pretty obvious were WWE was moving this storyline with reuniting of The Shield. Now how they got there was a little […]

  • There are many people who know the name Uncle Murda, but there is a sizeable amount of music fans who genuinely have the slightest bit idea who that is. Well that all has the potential to change pretty soon; […]

  • This week Monday Night Raw will take place from Denver, CO, and one can only hope this week show is one  that’s puts a little more clarity on a few programs. For the moment there are only 2 matches being […]




    Money Monday rarely needs any explanation because at the core it’s all about making money. A universal though we all  can agree on well most of us; so a collaboration of musi […]


    I thought  Smackdown Live this week was a very passable show in whole. There won’t be much at all really to disect with most of the show, but there was definitely some progression in some s […]

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