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  • Between Black and White: Red-Brown Color Consciousness December 18, 2017
    The large banner outside the prestigious National Museum of Art in Mexico City reads: "Discursos de la piel." Translation: "Discourses on skin." The accompanying image is that of a mulatta from Mexico's colonial era. When I first saw the banner, my mind automatically added the word "color" after the word "skin." I assume that my […]
  • An Urgent Call for a Miracle in Mexico -- for All Our Sakes December 13, 2017
    We stand again at historic crossroads where crucial decisions will have far-reaching consequences for life on Earth. This time however there are events in three countries offering unprecedented Indigenous influence that may illuminate the best road to take for the sake of future generations. In spite of the continuing habits of thought that tend to […]
  • Calling Out Violence Against Women Human Rights and Environmental Defenders November 29, 2017
    November 29 marks the International Women Human Rights Defenders Day. It is a tribute to the thousands of courageous women who stand up for human rights and the environment around the world. Let us call out the violence and repression that these women face in their daily struggles. Women everywhere face multiple forms of violence, […]


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