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  • Understanding Russia's "Zapad" Military Exercises September 25, 2017
    Recent Russian war games in Belarus have raised fears in Washington that the "real" aim of the exercises is staging for a military incursion into Poland or the Baltic States. To reach such a conclusion, one must be ignorant of, or blatantly ignore, 20th century Russian and Soviet history, as well as willingly distort any […]
  • Should Aung San Suu Kyi's Peace Prize Be Revoked Over the Rohingya Genocide? September 22, 2017
    When the German transatlantic liner the St. Louis set off with 900 German Jews seeking refuge, it was 1939 and they were trying to escape what became one of the most despicable events in European history. Neither Canada nor the United States offered to help the people on this ship and it sailed on to […]
  • Hands Off North Korea September 21, 2017
    Current relations between the United States and North Korea are being painted as sudden, unprompted aggression against the peace-keeping beacon of justice that is the West, but this dynamic couldn't be further from the true historical lineage. Ambassador Haley's recent remarks, the rhetoric of the Trump administration, as well as an overwhelming animosity towards North Korea from the American public prompts […]


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By Miami Kaos  @RealMiamiKaos


Blast Off Boys By Miami Kaos

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