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Today’s tracks comes from the acclaimed Mob Deep. This is just a personal favorite of mine back from the 2004 L.P “Amerikaz Nightmare”. Believe it or not as your man this would become my 1st exposure to the tendentious duo from Queens and certainly would not become my last; The 2004 single was one of there biggest billboard success ;not hard to see why with beat that is reviled buy few in its heyday and definitely still holds up today if not surpasses many currently on the scene. Even with the subject matter being thin on its surface there is still a very grounded urban club-basement vibe you get while listening that came across authentic and gripping. It’s replay factor is there so give it a listen.


SmackDown Live YouTube Review

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 While SmackDown isn’t a perfect show buy any standards; but it has one huge advantage over Raw; it’s only 2 hours. In view of the fact that it tends to be more watchable, and it does have the edge over more compelling character on Tuesday Night. But trust me same man books this show so it’s definitely not with out flaws. 

Daniel Bryan comes out people cheer;Bryan wins fans go home its simple. This is how you book Daniel Bryan

Samao Joe is the best thing WWE has going right now in my opinion so I’m definitely not on board with him loosing; but I don’t think it will make a difference in the long run. Rusev has seem to lost steam the last month at least with some casual fans; so maybe a victory for the Bulgarian Brut is what he needs; only time will tell. Also Miz was great as usual. 

Good match for what it was; but Nakamura is more interesting in this heel run than his whole 2 years prior; stunning what a change of character can do

I want someone to explain to me who came out of this looking good? And why this was the main event. 

Track Of The Day

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I can’t imagine I’ll do a remix that often; but there aren’t too many originals that have the star power and gravitas that Made You Look (Remix has. Kicking off with probably the most lyrically talent of the three; the menacing Jadakiss raps with a constant hostile tone; switching to the always underrated but never forgotten Ludacris who’s calming yet aggressive style leaves you feeling that raping comes so easy but significant to him. Finally the monarch Nas not enough could be written or said; his demonstration of what made him the icon today is masterful at display do your self a favor and take a trip down memory lane and take a few listen.

Monday Night Raw YouTube Review

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It would be completely insincere on my part to tell you wrestling is better than it’s ever been. Don’t get me wrong athletically it’s far superior than years past, but that’s just an evolution of man which we’ve seen permeate all through professionals sports today. Unfortunately that’s were the advancement stops for this die-hard fan; Vince McMahon continues to presents wrestling in a completely farcical manner which continues to drive away the casual viewer from ever becoming a new viewer and age countless longtime watchers as myself. The more frustrating aspect is that his own son-in-law and various other independent promotions are getting it just so right and offer wrestling in a much more compelling, believable way. Your probably asking why do you watch this shit? A question I often ask myself, but this is not about me and with all those caveats in place I could not in good conscience tell you to spend 3 hours on Monday and watch a product that treats its fans as moronic as WWE treats us. However I can direct you to spend a few minutes catching up on everything through the magic of YouTube; thanks Google. Your free to check out the entire channel here “””””””, but I really only post videos I find good or useful. 

Just another sing of illogical booking, for weeks Nia Jax has been mocking the arm bar and then the final showdown before their match not only does Ronda lock the move on her Nia tapped out. So why do I need to watch this match.

This was an impressive feat of athleticism and decent end to an pedestrian story that has made no one a bigger star.

Roman still the man moving on……

While I enjoy Ellias for what the act is, but I can’t shake the overwhelming feeling that this feud is just a notch below where Seth belongs and this just defines him down ; which naws at my enjoyment or lack of this story line.

The opening segment was plagued with unbelievable dialog, poor acting, and just not needing to be there. The main event was decent enough, but it wasnt anything we haven’t seen before over the many years of car crashes matches. 


Track Of Day

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It’s hard to say anything that graces the masses from Andre 3000 is a hidden gem, but I believe the sharp, cunning, and skillfully track “Vibrate” is one. To the easily peevish people this track will be hard to get into; there is no catchy beat alternatively it’s has a mature tone; there’s no easily constructed chorus instead it’s complex in delivery and message. In fact the actual words don’t begin until 56 seconds in the track; letting you feel the vibe of the song. However the ending is a impeccable finality of the record has Dre actually has something too say with some meaning. Give this 6 minute gem a listen.