Monday Night Raw(Hits/Misses)

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Raw Results : 

Bobby Lashley def. Seth Rollins and Elias to advance to a match to determine Brock Lesnar’s next challenger for the Universal Championship/Roman Reigns def. Finn Bálor and Drew McIntyre to advance to a match to determine Brock Lesnar’s next challenger for the Universal Championship

(Opinion:So we’re promised that were going to get some resolution finally on The Universal Championship at the beginning of the show, so of course what does WWE do; they stall. So instead of naming a number 1 contender we get 6 “Superstars” coming out making varying arguments why they deserve a shot. While at 1st glance some of the names made sense, but let’s truly take a look ;Drew Mcntnyer while very talented as won one single match since moved up; Seth Rollins is the most cheered babyface on the roster but he just lost his title match last night; Ellias I thought was a joke I mean come on he’s a comedy mid carder and was obviously put in the mix to get an even 6; Balor while not as crazy as the rest but just doesn’t have any notable wins in over a year; Then Roman well let’s start with Brock Lesnar has defeated already him twice this year, including he just lost another big match last night plus many other reasons I can say he doesn’t deserve a title shot. So the fact the undefeated in singles competition Bobby Lashley is not the flat out number one contender from a logic standpoint is ridiculous. Well of course logic is not WWE strong point and besides why bore us with compelling one on one story lines when you throw a few of your underutilized, or undeserving talent all in one match. And at the end of the night we just did a circle because instead of calling last night match a number one contenders match we have to see it again next week just so we can get our dose of 50/50 booking.) 

Ronda Rousey attacked Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss   (Opinion: So WWE truly inconsistent booking was truly at work ignoring the completely farcical segment that set up the women’s title match at SummerSlam, but the fact that Ronda Rousey can just jump the barricade two nights in a row and blatantly ignore her 30 day suspension; in fact she is rewarded with a title shot go figure! However despite the clumsy booking of Ronda thus far she is over, she feels like a star, and most fans generallygives her a pass so no harm no foul. )Mojo Rawley def. Tyler Breeze

Mojo Rawley def. Tyler Breeze

(Opinion:While WWE has been semi pushing Mojo for quite a bit but this week felt a little bit different he seemed to have more fire more energy that connected with fans more than usual in my opinion.)

Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler def. Bobby Roode(Opinion: Dolph defeating Roode was a good match, however unfortunately it did just remind how boring Bobby is and how much I don’t care about Ziggler without Drew or Seth around. Also considering he was just in your PPV main event last night putting him in throw a way match really just lessens right away.)

Alicia Fox & Dana Brooke def. Bayley & Sasha Banks via Disqualification

(Opinion:I just refuse to give Sasha and Baylee any more of my time! This FUCKING never ending feud that started when I was in diapers just makes no sense! So your telling me these two have gone from best friends to fighting to pretending it never happened back to fighting back to friends back to never happened to blood fight then to all the way too friendship counseling, and now out of FUCKING no where Sasha tells Baylee she loves her?????? WHAT THE FUCK is this supposed to be some lesbian story line? This honestly might be one of the worst things I’ve seen in decades! )


Track Of The Day!!!!!!!!!!!


Today’s Track of The Day comes from the 1st lady of Rap; 22 years in the game with over 44 awards won, plus 15 million in albums sales Lil Kim has cemented her place in history.

The World Is Piff 1.5 – Jamal Gasol

What It Sound Like?

Music is in the air! Before we start on tonight’s album, I want to biggup our subject. Jamal Gasol has left the street life behind, without leaving behind the streets.

A true Hip Hop story, uprising from poverty. Unfortunate setbacks with the law, none of this could stand in his way. Now, Jamal scrambles content on the airwaves.

The latest project is a follow-up. The World Is Piff 1.5 is no let down to its prequel. Get ready for an All-Star production lineup.

Michaelangelo, Halal Seeds, KoolMajorz, Wavy Da Ghawd, Quis Star, Sean SMDSandy Solo, and Ol Man 80zz. The Piff man sharpens his pen from track to track.

It’s a blend of boom bap with the right touch of grime. Personally, I feel the way the intro sets the energy for the rest of the album. Two fellow Art Dealers are featured, as well. Illa Dutch and Lord Juco made strong appearances.

Jamal continues to make a statement! His hustle will not be denied. Light up this 1.5 and come back for nothing less than a quarter…

Available In All Stores Listen For Free Below

The Avengers


The next movie on the list needs very little introduction and truth be told the film more than any other was excited to re watch again with a set of hindsight eyes. In the rare feat I thought this movie was even better than the 1st time I saw in theaters 6 years ago. “The Avengers” is jaunty, clever, and powerful super hero movie that’s possess a much more grounded feel that allows audience feel what the hero’s feel; even without having the super abilities at display in this movie.

The Avengers delivers on many levels; it’s a well oiled machine great character work on all the necessary ones, intoxicating levels of CG-inflated, 3D escalated geek out mayhem. The script manages to balance perfect timing humor along with genuine emotion and amazing visual effects that sucks you into the scene. At no point does the film feel dull or bloated; any moment that feels close to it is immediately were taken to a more titillating set of events. 

The biggest assets to the film is it staggering cast which brings together 4 franchises and over a dozen characters to film. Samuel L. Jackson as “Nick Fury” and, Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow make their on-screen return from the last Iron Man along with Jeremy Renner playing Hawkeye once more fresh of his brief appearance in Thor. Just the fact that you have 3 top-tier actors/actresses playing a somewhat small role in comparison to their superhero counterparts; just shows the depth in talent brought in for this cinematic feat. 

Depending on who you ask will depend what Avenger was your favorite; you could fall in love with always earnestly high morale WW2 hero “Captian America” or the mythical based God Of Thunder Thor who showed early signs of what we know now; Chris Hemsworth comedic timing. However the two you are most likely to hear would be the of course dryly sarcastic funny man Tony Stark has he delivers another Stella performance as Iron Man. Finally leaves us Bruce Banner, many Hulk fans will tell you they waited years and years to see the massive green monster displayed right on the big screen, and not only did they do it right they did it flawlessly.

The film villain is Loki from last Thor movie, and up to this point clearly Marvel’s beat one put on film mostly due to because we actually understood the motivation and yes most of it was set up in a previous movie but it is definitely touched on again. The Avengers was a movie well worth the wait and amazing piece of film history that has changed the industry for the better. I give The Avengers a



Track Of The Day

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Today Track of The Day comes from one of the best rappers of his time along with most underachieving rappers of all time. Lloyd Banks was born with a gift of gab that many envy, however even with those numerous gifts just never seem reach the heights many predicated.