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Summer Slamm ’88 Freestyle – Ty Da Dale

What It Sound Like?

Got another one for you out of the art gallery!

Lines, lines, and more lines is what you get from Ty Da Dale. Some of the most clever ways to put them, too. The Castle Hill HEIST continues with this slick sixteen. Ty let’s the streets have it with his take no prisoners, type flow over Summer Slamm ’88 instrumental. Never shy to show his rough edges. Based on a bar from the verse, being cool with his right hand is not enough for your safety.

This is a fun joint to listen to. It’s hard, it’s witty, got the content we enjoy. The artist undoubtedly served this remix justice! Perfect timing with the follow up to his recent solo project, Tokyo Drip. Anybody with a soul has to respect the hustle and achievement of Dale. Him and his team are doing something similar to WU Tang in the 90’s. The Asian fan base is steady increasing. This is without a major company backing them. So respect the HEIST.

Pop out to Sound Cloud for the free stream tonight. Do visit Band Camp and make some purchases in his store, also. You will have that music you’re missing.

Thanks to everybody stopping through. The company is always appreciated, including your support. God bless.

Live Today – Sage Infinite x Robert Deniro

What It Sound Like?

Found a gift in my messages and I must share it with you!

Being able to witness and be a part of the healing in Hip hop is special. So, tonight we have some RAN favorites, Sage Infinite builds with Robert Deniro. They made the ultimate tune heading into Autumn. I don’t think I ever said this, they made dope Autumn Music. Sage keeps the evils away with his purity. Such a recognizable charisma. We know a certain bar is set for Deniro tracks.

Rob has a short riff on top of bass keys looping just enough times, never repetitive. You will hear the vocal sample lay right in pocket. Listen to the jewels being dropped on song. I really like the defense of culture the artist’s lyrics. Overall, the track has replay value. That’s important to the real listeners. For now, everyone is able stream for free at Sound Cloud. Do that while you can, be sure to support their music in the major platforms, as well. 

Thanks to all for passing through, along with all your positive feedback. God bless!


Undenyable – 1 Shot Spitune Ft Atswei Franaalo

What It Sound Like?

Me this time, the one I feel weird writing about. Nonetheless, this tune should draw in the bloggers, no doubt. I’m joined by the lovely voice of Atswei Franaalo.

I have once posted about her, still she is heard over the seas from Ghana. The numbers are steady increasing. Her voice came to mind after working on this tune a while back. So, pardon my delay. I really wanted the right one for this hook, Attie was on target. As I say, you gotta let the paint dry. The timing ended up being right.

On the visual art side, Bless The General took time out to make my vision work. He understands concepts and is able to deliver accurately.

I know you’re wondering who laid the track. Biggups to Amp On The Track for this unforgettable melody. He made it easy to write to. Adding the finishing touches with the boss mix down, had to be Kelby Clarke! By the way, he’s got some big news for you. I will let him do the honors.

Undenyable made a fun everlasting moment, everybody’s work shines through. I am grateful to the staff, as well as the readers. Enough typing, listen to my song off my upcoming project.God bless, enjoy!

  1. Undenyable 1 Shot Spitune X Atswei Franaalo 3:25

The Great, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


The Great, The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

                                    This week in WWE just like many was a mixed bag from; great in ring competition all the way to the illogical booking decisions made buy Vince and his brain trust. Going forward I will do a weekly blog going over the majority of important outcomes of that various week. While WWE is the #1 company on the entire planet, however due too the up incoming Independent wrestling scene plus growing frustration WWE booking, the amount of people watching wrestling live has diminished. So no matter how much WWE will pretended that they do no wrong but a decline in ratings and attendance would strongly beg to differ with that narrative and this blog will hopefully point out just a few of the current many flaws that are  infiltrating WWE.


In my opinion the best segment all week was The Undertaker/Shawn Micheal’s promo was tremendous but also very sad that In 2018 still these guys have the ability to do what very few do; and that was their ability to hold the crowd in the palm of their hands.  Most interestingly this was literately the 1st true signs that HBK actually might come out of retirement for at least one more match. Maybe I am looking to deeply into WWE scripting but their was a ton to look into and keep an eye out for.


Smackdown Live continues to be a far superior show than its counter point on Mondays night, and their are quite a few reasons for that. First and foremost its only 2 hours long and doesn’t feel the need to place every “Superstar” on every show; which allows the fans not to get burned out on any 1 particular wrestler. Second no Roman Reigns; while that statement seems silly on its face; Raw substantial problem is that the guy they have choose to be their flag barre is consistently getting rejected buy their paying customer base. When the top of the mountain isn’t clean dirt will fall, and has just left a harrowing feel on the entire Raw product. 


KEVIN Owens quits last week; which lead to all kinds of speculation that Ownes could be turning face and getting a fresh look, but no he was just brought back with no mention of last week; just to be another guy. While this isn’t the worst they have done to Kevin over the last year so its not shocking at all.