Like I’m Biggie – Merlino







Peace to all!

Spitta Season is definitely around the corner. I’m proud of the momentum our Featured Artists are moving with. Today, Merlino keeps the Golden Era poppin with his new title,

Like I’m Biggie. The artist shows dominance over a track that brings chills, similar to the late Brooklynite, while staying original. My first time hearing production by Young Devante, skills of an old soul.The slick, sharp lines of Merlino always get replays. Plenty of bars like those on this new joint. He didn’t try to emulate Notorious instead it sounds as if a Biggie verse could fit right in. Lino is a perfect bridge for a lot of musical disconnects between people. Whether young, OG’s, South, North, West, spiritual or religous.

Pull up the track below and leave your reaction.

Mark Henry To Join 2018 WWE Hall Of Fame Class

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Today WWE announced that “The World Strongest Man”, Mark Henry, will be joining this year’s Hall Of Fame Class of 2018. While Henry is definitely worthy of the consideration; it’s a very hasty nomination considering he’s been retired less than a year. The former “World Strongest Man” has been in the business since ’96, and his very erratic career is undoubtedly worthy of reminiscence. The introductory portion of his career standing along names as Rock, Godfather, Farooq, D-Low Brown, and of course his frivolous relationship with the late Mae Young. Now, there are supposedly reserved reasons for such a below par push to start a career, but in 2008 Mark began to take his character in a much darker pathway which began to change the 400 pound’s perception to long time WWE viewers. In late 2011, Henry went on a unparalleled run for him where Mark developed his most influential character the monster who put whoever stood in front of him in the “Hall OF Pain”. During this run, WWE really went all in with Henry; out muscling  other WWE giants such as Kane, Big Show, and Sheamus. Then, when after leaving a “path of destruction” in story line; it was time for Henry to capture The World Title from mainstay Randy Orton for the first and only time. While his title run wasn’t very extensive at all; it was proof that WWE spent 10 years misusing Henry’s true main event talent but when it was Marks time to step up to the plate he knocked the ball out of the park every time. Although he never won the strap again, he continued to be pushed has a top guy, but sadly the next 2 years were unfortunately riddled with incomplete programs that could never seem to reach its peak potential due to several untimely injuries from Henry. However while there is an argument that this is way too soon, congratulations are in order for Sexual Chocolate

Billy Danze Returns With A Double Barrel

Peace to the All Nighters, welcome if it’s your first time. Our post today makes me so proud to be a part of this. This artist is one of the greats that inspired me, along with many other aspiring artists. As much as we love his group, Billy Danze has a strong first step as a solo artist. M.O.P fans need not be disappointed, Danzini is still Downtown Swingin with hardcore tracks provided by G – Whiz and Johnny Famous.

The double – single release of Halle Berry and Whop It is getting acknowledged by fans internationally. Hence the term, World Famous. Bill shows slickness with powerful lines, while reminding that you can still get it! Early work is leading to a promising solo album. Resources say, there are some 1st Family favorites as guest appearances. You will be more than pleased. For now, enjoy Halle Berry & Whop It.

Soul Food Freestlye – Merlino

Breath of fresh air for ya!

Our Featured Artists keep bringing it. This time we hear from Merlino with that raw Hip Hop. A rare emcee touching topics that he does. Just when you thought that element was endangered, the Weirdo Christian blesses us with a jewel. We know how risky it is following up mainstream rappers on their instrumentals. Fabolous & Jadakiss do not make it any safer. However, the North Philly spitta goes in feeling no pressure and delivers, as his own.

This has some of the most impressive lines, plus the flow to fit. Go listen to Merlino over the Soul Food instrumental at Audio Mack

Man Of The Year – Jamal Gasol

What’s baking out there?

I hope it’s been a blessed week for all. Sharing this new post from an accomplished artist, to say the least. Song titled, Man Of The Year, who is disputing that after the last 365? Gasol brings hits consistently, Sun Tzu has proved that with recent posts. When you hear the track from SCVTTERBRVIN, you will feel it immediately. Jamal has skills with the word play while putting haters in their place. Man or woman, this is your theme. Pull up the track and leave a reaction below.