Hard On The Triple Beam – Killy Shoot

<strong>What it sound like?</strong>

This week is wrapping up and new independent music has been so impressive. Today, we focus on an artist that has been popping up on the radar a lot. Gotta show respect to Killy Shoot, a mic controller out of Massachusetts. There is a big Hip Hop scene in the Beantown area, Killy plays a major part in.

Not shy of his Guru influences, the artist also attacks with rough rhymes in a monotone style.  This joint stands out with its unique flow. It is easy to hear how natural it was to spit over this dope DJ Premier track. Killy gets the job done simply, with this one clipper, paying homage to Gang Starr. 

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Track Of The Day

<img src="https://rhymeallnight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/childish-gambino-this-is-america.jpg" alt="" width="1200" height="676" />

Today Track of The Day comes from the busiest artist in the industry.””is a song that has layers to it. This is the type of track that rewards multiple listens. So Enjoy!!


Power – John Creasy

<strong>What's Shakin?</strong>

We got new music from someone I’m glad to present, John Creasy. Next up on the Piff Music Empire roster, he keeps the tradition going. Creasy has style that allows him to stand out whether feature or solo. Power happens to have some strong features from artists buzzing all over the stream sites. Fellow Dirty Waters emcees, Jamal Gasol and Benny The Butcher show you how Buffalo / Niagara give it up. The Brooklyn boy, Sauce Heist also played a major role in this project. 

Each artist brings it over classic production by Enrichment! Each beat sounds like it’s telling a story, leading into the other. The big story we can’t ignore is how John landed this on the same day as the show’s return. Perfect business move, so go show your support at Band Camp.

Track Of The Day Is Back

<img src="https://rhymeallnight.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/royce_cat_promo02-650x650.jpg" alt="" width="650" height="650" />

Track of the day has returned with a banger. “Royce Da 5’9- Caterpilla Ft Eminenm. Their aren’t a sufficient amount of words too describe the true greatness of this song. From beginning to end this is nearly a perfect track, from the original beat to the distinct title of the track. Royce continues to demonstrate that he should be considered a top lyricist today and for quite some time. His biggest strength is originality and the refusal of sounding like any other performer in the industry. Eminem is just icing on the cake with how just simple and easy makes rapping sound. This is 5 star track that you would be wise to take a listen.


Funky Piano Freestyle (Free Download) – Jamal Gasol

<strong>Doing something different tonight. The song is certified, dope!</strong>

Besides that, how this song happend is just as important. Here is a story from the artist himself, Jamal Gasol.


That was a true Hip Hop moment, for this real rap. After getting the beat, Gasol slays it with bars. He had fun making this joint, you will have fun listening. 

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