Wow1 i was just starting 2 get into this guys music 😢😢🤔🤢


Everything about this song reminds me of the old wu tang mixtapes my mom and her boyfriend play all the time. Ecept for logic. He sounds out of place and like he’s trying really hard to sound the wu clan guys. It i think method man has the smoothest voice and stuff on this song then the rest of em. But this is a dope song i just wish Logic was’nt on his own song lol! 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🙌

The Corner Store – Supreme Allah X Solomon Childs

What It Sound Like?

Warning: This post contains raw Hip Hop, known to cause nausea and fear to weak emcees.

I stuck my hand into the Wu Tang Killa Beehive for this one, came out with Yellow Jackets.  I’m proud to type about the combined lyrics from Supreme Allah and Solomon Childs. We got the Wingz Up all around here, getting Theodore Unit involved. These are some of the hardest workers bridging the underground and mainstream Hip Hop. That energy is expressed right away when you hear choir sample just before the drums drop.

Feel the pain in the jagged voice of Childs setting off the slaughter. Darts spray fully-auto like a Gatling gun. Right around the corner, he’s followed up by a magnetic verse from Supreme! The bar he set won’t be reached by imposters. These two artists handled the track like rap titans. Nomolos The Beat Baptist blessed it with high favor, our kinda producer at RAN.

The Corner Store is a banger with replay value, plus a title we could relate to. It is a dope song, as well as a place I attended often. Some of the readers, already get huge support from Supreme, I’m asking you to return the favor for him. Get to your favorite digital music store and buy and/or stream this tune. Be sure to listen to Yellow Jacket Friend Of The Killa Beez.

I can’t get tired of your support and feedback for RAN. Thanks for passing through, explore the site, see what sections you like. Peace and God bless the All Nighters!



Unordinary Love Song – Madhattan Mayor X Robert Denir0

What It Sound Like? 

The weekend is in sight, we’re almost there. Depending where you’re reading from, could be closer to Friday. Of course, we have new tunes to carry us on our way. Our prized producer, Robert Denir0 dropped this piece on me today. All Nighters know if Rob stamps a track, I anticipate it like a trailer for a new film. The crowd also is aware he only sends beats to certain caliber emcees.

Welcome Madhattan Mayor,  new face to RAN. In case the clever name doesn’t give it away, the artist describes his home of Manhattan for you. The verses are decorated with street situations, poetically. Double M does well at speaking of it without glorifying his past. This song still is a theme for the hustlers out there. Whatever your hustle is, you “Gotta Get This Cake Right.”

One of the more laid back productions I’ve heard from Denir0. The background has strong level of sensitivity, makes it easy for radio spins. I’m one who appreciates versatility and Rob displayed it again. Madhattan has good lyrics, vocals, with flow for the melody. Look forward to hearing more in the near future. Meanwhile, pop out to Sound Cloud and run up those streams!

Thank everyone for coming through, plus your support on other sites. God bless you and yours!

7 Stars But It Still Dark

Last night was another Monday Night Raw and well it was all about the same 7 wrestlers. The Sheild, War Dogs, and Ronda Rousey seem to be the only acts that are getting any noticable attention on a week to week basis. While at 1st glance it may seem as there is absolutely nothing wrong with this being these are the top stars on the brand however the weeks of constant oversaturation of these names has just simply devalued the matches between said competitors. Let’s go through these damaged goods Seth Rollins: extremely over but is lackey to Roman: Dean Ambrose came back with tons of fan-fare and a month later he’s back to the funny lunatic 3rd wheel. Dophh Ziggler: years of him being a loser(on television) has trained me too see him a such: Braun Strowman: ever since he became a heel; he has no buzz or momentum with him at all nobody really cares about the Monster Among Men anymore. Ronda Rousey: while she’s not the problem; the entire division is so bad right now that it just takes her auro down a notch. Roman Reigns: well I think it’s been said enough all the many issues with his character. Finally actually something positive the only man who has received any symbolism of help is Drew McIntyre. With Raw being so singular focused its really hampered the enjoyment of the show has they approach closer to their slave show.