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1 Shot Spitune – Hired Hand (Produced By Necessary Beats)

[cue id=”4560″]

<h3>Cognac Thoughts (Beat By Onaje Jordan) -1 Shot Spitune Ft Killy Shoot</h3>

[cue id=”4307″]

Killy Shoot – Killing Time

[cue id=”3890″]

1 Shot Spitune – Chase It (Produced By Paperfall Bros)

[cue id=”3506″]

1 Shot Spitune – The Tune Up (Demo Tape)

[cue id=”2945″]

1 Shot Spitune Oldies (Lost & Resurfaced)

[cue id=”2838″]

Merlino – Spitta Season Beta 1.0

[cue id=”1828″]

Raul Sanchez Ft – Million Dolla Manny, Feeva Rollout, & 1 Shot Spitune

[cue id=”1766″]

1 Shot Spitune Mix

[cue id=”320″]

Rhyme All Night Freestyle Ciphers

[cue id=”835″]

Feeva Rollout – At My Head

[cue id=”943″]

1 Shot Spitune – Scotch Bonnet

[cue id=”1992″]

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