Shit Talking 101

What It Sound Like?

Naturally, I’m a humble guy. Plenty reasons to not be, I recognize my blessings, though. This weekend I road with a few friends to visit a mutual friend, locked up. I thought I valued time before the trip. Now, I value it more. Between the features, solos, as well as the articles, I try to get as much done as I can.

So many new releases to get caught up on, I bring you some bully rap from Maddog Mcgraw. We need these type of bars to keep things aligned. There’s far too many hipsters and emo rappers running the show. Outsiders start to think that’s what rap is.

His sound blends with producer, Sam Da Grouch. A producer that also keeps the edge in Hip Hop. This tune sticks to the topic. It’s likely to anger more people than the first season of Family Guy. One of my favorite lines is “I even intimidate twelve my last warrant came in the mail.”

Mac makes good use of his time in the stu. He impresses by not looking to impress the crowd. That’s the kind of attitude needed in this line of work. The pen is sharp, the wit is present. You should give this a spin or few. Find the link here. Thanks for staying up with me. Blessings from the Most High!

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