Track Of The Day

Today's Track of The Day comes from someone who many have forgotten. Cuban link once an original member of the acclaimed Terror Squad, has been one of the games best underrated lyrically gifted artist for literally over 20 years. So let's go back to time when Rap was always good and enjoy..

Track Of The Day

Today's Track of The Day of comes from Philadelphia native Meek Mills. Now I must admit I for one am not a huge fan, however you can't deny the talent plus appeal he has gathered over the years. So this may be one of the only times!! Enjoy  


Smackdown Live YouTube Review


While a beat down in professional wrestling is nothing new; this particular one did actually have a sense of chaos and realism to it; I give most of that credit to Sanity as they continue to build a name for themself with beatdowns over the Usos, Team Hell NO, and New Day. 

The women’s divisions is dreadful; with an equally dreadful champiom

Now this was hilarious; this is mostly what I do not like in my wrestling; too much comedy which usually just devalues these supposed outlaw athletes and makes them jokes, however as I’ve stated before my nostalgia love for Team “Hell No” definitely does leave a blind spot; plus I though the it was leniently funny.

The fact that your WWE Champion is on the middle of the show seems to be continuous thing is a problem that most fans don’t even notice.

Solid Main Event that means absolutely nothing

Monday Nights Raw YouTube Recap!!!!!

I was actually surprised to hear a decent amount of people thought last night episode of Raw was enjoyable; I do not share this opinion; I thought Raw was actually a pretty dreadful show, with illogical booking, dialog, and just very little excitement for any current Raw story going on right now.!!!!!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen a big pull apart; oh that’s right WWE does at least twice a year if not more; it seemed like it design to give both equal moments, however I thought Lashley came out looking the strongest. 






I think one of the most shocking things on television is that Dolph Ziggler promo are no longer pointless and grown inducing; however even with those praises laid out there it’s becoming Crystal clear this is all about Drew and setting him up for bigger things

Track Of The Day

Today's Track of The Day comes from a one time top tier artist in the game; Cassidy at one time you could argue was one of the most feared artist in the game; now he's fallen into what ever happen to category; however his impact has not been forgotten. Enjoy