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Blood Money

Blood Money is something a majority that most Americans let alone most Americans companies all take part in; yes the watch your wearing or that purse you just bout or the new underwear you just got was most likely created off some unfair systems that takes advantage of their workers. However hypocrisy aside WWE standing firm that next Friday they will still be going to Saudi Arabia for their “Crown Jewel” show. While I’m not much into politics but you have to be living under a rock If you haven’t at least heard about the brutal killing of an American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and if you believe the reports his murder was orchestrated buy the exact same people WWE is doing business with. There will be some who say you can’t cancel the show because there could be long term legal effects and that may turn out to be true, however WWE knew who they were getting into bed with; this is the same Saudi Arabia who just allowed Women to start drinking, a place were you can be be headed for being a Christian or gay or Jewish and ect…. these are many of the reasons this was a bad deal from the start and it looking like it’s only getting worse. And why is WWE still doing the deal instead of caving into public pressure from media and Senator members alike; well like I said Blood Money WWE is reported to make 450 million dollars over the next 10 years through this deal; retired wrestler who claim to stand for this and that are flocking out of retirement to get this huge payday. Money rules the world.


Angels Fly By Quick

In Baseball its Lou Gehrig, in Basketball its Len Bias, in Football its Gerome Brown, these are athletes that tragically died before their prime; all were destined to do great things in each of their prospective sports however that ugly thing we call tragedy creeps up and stole them from us. In Hip Hop their are enough people to fill up Football stadium, but one individual that's special to me is Big Pun my 1st ever rap CD if anyone remembers what those are; was Capital Punishment and from that point on I was instantly hooked. Big Pun was amazing in my eyes more talented than Biggie and 2 Pac but just didn't quite have all the tools yet, however Big Pun was taken too soon well before he hit his prime. I have no doubt if he was still around today he have claims to greatest ever and the track I've chosen today is just a tad proof why. He's a not just a lyricist or lyrical genius or a lyrical assassins he's a lyrical Angel. In 12 Caribbean Connections" a song that is truly about nothing the title is confusing to regular dummies like me, the chorus is non existent, and the feature is not even named, and the beat is so so, but it doesn't matter because the holy water Pun lays upon your undeserving ears is completely worth all the other minor flaws. So just do yourself a favor just sit back and listen.

How It Really Went Down

DMX is known for a lot of great songs in the rap industry probably his 2nd biggest single of all time "Hows it going down" is the one I want to focus on today. When I was kid and saw the video I immediately associated it with a love story; boy was I wrong many years later with adults ears I was actually able to dissect the lyrics and its somewhat comical to actually hear the words and match up with the video; they dont go together. While the video gives some distorted view of some love triangle; in actually the lyrics make it a lot more clear DMX meets THOT with a boyfriend who already has 2 kids; DMX proceeds to smash that THOT until he's done with her The End! Isn't love great. I'm not throwing any shade DMX has always been as authentic has they come but maybe if he had an higher opinion of women he may have found one to keep him out of all this trouble.

Crying From The Throne

7 Stars But It Still Dark

Last night was another Monday Night Raw and well it was all about the same 7 wrestlers. The Sheild, War Dogs, and Ronda Rousey seem to be the only acts that are getting any noticable attention on a week to week basis. While at 1st glance it may seem as there is absolutely nothing wrong with this being these are the top stars on the brand however the weeks of constant oversaturation of these names has just simply devalued the matches between said competitors. Let’s go through these damaged goods Seth Rollins: extremely over but is lackey to Roman: Dean Ambrose came back with tons of fan-fare and a month later he’s back to the funny lunatic 3rd wheel. Dophh Ziggler: years of him being a loser(on television) has trained me too see him a such: Braun Strowman: ever since he became a heel; he has no buzz or momentum with him at all nobody really cares about the Monster Among Men anymore. Ronda Rousey: while she’s not the problem; the entire division is so bad right now that it just takes her auro down a notch. Roman Reigns: well I think it’s been said enough all the many issues with his character. Finally actually something positive the only man who has received any symbolism of help is Drew McIntyre. With Raw being so singular focused its really hampered the enjoyment of the show has they approach closer to their slave show.

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