Track Of The Day

Since yesterday was impossible today will be a 2 for 1 special Track Of The Day; for some D Block doesn't carry the same significance it once did, but for me and many more D Block is truly the benchmark in rap. This especially factual for its 2 predominantly visible artist "Jadakiss & Styles P. Enjoy

Raw Quickview(10/17/17)

 Last night's Raw was all about The Shield, and hats off to WWE for just accomplishing and bringing the subtle aspects of the trio; by coming through the crowd with the old Shield music plus gear was a nice touch. The return of "The Big Red Machine" was very unexpected and fun to see, however my fear is the nostalgia feel will wear off sooner than later. Enzo continued heel push is at the very least has made the division a tad bit more watchable, but that's all. With this being the go home show for TLC this Sunday, I would give WWE a thumbs up; easy show to watch. Enjoy

Track OF The Day

There are songs that you hear and you forget immediately, but then there are those tracks that are literally impossible to forget. "Deja Vu" is that track for me; I admit if you've had zero experience with substance abuse issues then it won't speak to you like certain situations would. However it's a beautiful well thought out written verses that paints a vivid picture of the trials and tribulations he went through. Enjoy

This Week In WWE

This has been definitely a news worthy week in WWE; from Sami heel turn to Shield reuniting and even Enzo Crusherweight title reing ending suddenly. Indeed there were quite a few exciting developments this week, but don’t be hoodwinked WWE up and down still has massive booking flaws that continue to hurt the overall feel of the brand.

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon put on an interesting stunt fest on Sunday if your into those, but obviously the bigger story that carried into Tuesday was the predictable heel turn for Sami Zayn. I thought his promo on SD was a solid starting point explain his actions and gives most people a pretty solid reason to dislike him. Obviously the follow up is the key and yes there will be the informed fans who will cheer, but that’s not excuse for this not to work overall.

The Shield reuniting on Monday was done really quickly but very well. Fans love the three of them together that is obvious, but the key is the follow up on how the fans receive the chosen one. Does the audience continue to boo Roman Reings out the building or do they finally embrace him with his brethren back at his side. My guess is that very little will actually change they will Boo Roman and cheer Seth & Dean, and while that is obviously not ideal the final picture at Wrestle Mania is still Roman standing over Brock so might as well make it fun on the way there.

Track Of The Day

Today's Track of The Day comes from an artist who's commonly known(no pun intended) but rarely spoken about Common. I must admit I'm just as guilty as anyone else for never mentioned someone who has been in the industry since I was 2 years old. He's not flashy or always that exciting but successful he damn shore is; pull up his IBM page it's tremendous. If you don't know who he is Shame on you but enjoy one his hits.