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Track Of The Day

Lupe Fiasco  "Made In USAchecks quite a few boxes for me Lupe whose known for rapping more on social issues released banger here.

 The irony of possibly being considered somewhat Patriotic blends tremendously with the underground Friday night cage freestyle vibeEnjoy

TrackZ Of The Day

Due to no Track of The Day yesterday there will be 2 today. Kendrick Lamar my opinion is the cream of the crop when it comes to elite lyricist in hip hop today. I would dare to say the best to come around in the last 5 years. Obviously he was able perfect his craft 8 years before he was on most radar; but it's more than lyrics. While talented as he is; there are countless examples of brilliant lyricist careers not reaching the financial success that their potential suggested they once would. Kendrick is from Compton a place where 90% of Americans including myself have or will never been, but that doesn't matter Kendrick can intelligently rap about social  issues, family problems, good times and ect. He's not a one trick pony, there's some substance to a majority of his music, and if I'm inspiring artist; I pay attention to how Lamar is conducting his business. He's already received numerous amount of commercial success with a Grammy, Platinum albums,and  numerous amount of awards. Most noticeably he hasn't lost his core demographic of fans, there isn't the "oh he's all commercial now" BS. If you agree or disagree please let me know know. Enjoy.

Track Of The Day

Throwback Thursday comes from 50 Cent yes Thowback from 50 is insane to process However 15 years since his solo album debut it definitely qualifies Baltimore Love Thing is risky concept he raps from the perspective of herion and it's various relationships with infamous celebrities This song definitely has layers to it Enjoy

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. The Usos

New Day vs Usos at Summerslam for the SD Tag Titles is an under card match that deserves better billing strictly due to the stand out performances by both teams .

The Usos are the cockroaches of the tag division and that's meant to be compliment in this case They have shown the unique ability to maintain relevance in an era were tag teams longevity are few years at max Being identical twins and being part of the legendary Anoaʻi family with members such as RikisHi Rock Umaga and Yokozuna just to name a few doesn't hurt their cause either However with all that great tradition running through their blood it's been far from an easy road There debut was back in 2010, and spent the vast majority of those first few years of their career not booked on TV or jobbing out to various tag teams They were finally able to break from the pack due too phenomenal matches with teams such as Wyatt Family The Shield and Rhodes Brothers However just short few years later they find themselves multiple time champs and mentioned in the same vain with New Age Outlaws Hardy Boyz and other great teams This most recent run from return is definitely their best brown skin men using urban cultural pharses to tear down their oppents during their verbal altercation comes across different than anything else out there and legitimate .

New Days character is on the other side of the spectrum New Days has become one of WWE'S most profitable faction in recent memory Feels like it's been decade since New Day was getting booed out of the buildings across the country but it's been just short few years, and Gone are the days were you had black men coming out to stereotypical African America church hymns shouting in the loud Preacher Man voice.

 The moment they were able to let go ,and display their tru personalities. Turns out there entertainingwittyand fun loving which lead to  the crowd reactions changing as time past. The true down side is through the vast majority of their programsthey have completely out shined their opponents and made them seem irrelevant. The Usos is honestly the 1st team who is been able to go toe to toe with New Day on the mic ,which has clearly elevated their perception in the eyes of fans and most importantly management. 

My prediction is that could be the final match between the teams New Day just won the titles last month at the PPV and no one can argue they really don't need them at this point Putting the straps on the Usos can be risky seeing that there are no real over baby face teams in the foreseeable future for them to face Now if New Day retains you have AOP waiting to make their main roster debut which has the potential to be good Definitely a few interesting ways to go have to wait ad see where it goes this Sunday Enjoy



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