Smackdown Blog (8/23/2017)

Smackdown Live definitely felt a tad bit more newsworthy than Raw which is exactly what needed to happen. The addition of Bobby Roode has the potential to be a game changer, as long as he's treated like an important player on the roster. Last night match with English didn't really give any indication whether he's going to be booked as a heel or face. Also Sheldon Benjamin made his return, we know Sheldon is an amazing in ring performer; however his verbal skills were always below average and last night seemed to be the same. Having Shane cost Owens the title again was very repetitive and just felt like what you do because you don't know what's next. I continue to enjoy The Usos mic work week after week; it's uncomfortable and those type of promos are needed more in wrestling. Ziggler return promo backstage was definitely intriguing, unfortunately years of WWE teaches us the fans "he's a loser" it's hard for me to believe this won't ultimately lead too another Ziggler lost down the road. I'm not sure having Nakamura in a 1 on 2 match; is the most efficient use of him and prolonging a fued he should not be in is good either. Overall I thought SD was enjoyable but noticeable absences were Orton,Rusev, and New Day.


Track Of The Day(MixTape Wenesday)

Ace Hood has a brand new mixtape "Trust The Process" that has the potential to make some noise. A lot has changed since his debut back in 2008, the Florida born artist has been known for quite some time but only in the last 7 years he's become more of a household name. Tracks such as "Cash Flow", "Ride", and "Hustle Hard" as put him on the national scene, but as far as top MC in the game his name is never mentioned. I would agree; he doesn't need to be, however he showed a surprising amount of diversity with the TOD "To whom it may concern". This version of Ace is the one I would like to see more often, he's proven he can make solid radio tracks; but if he can continue to have a nice  mixture of song concepts it will only elevate his perception. Enjoy

SmackDown Live Quick Preview(8/22/2017)

It’s Smackdown Live turn to make a 1st impression for the fall season. Loosing Cena indeed does not help, but far from crippling considering Cena time on SD as been part time. Jinder still the champ; whose next up for the Indian King, a rematch with Nakamura or does someone new emerg in the main event scene. I suspect we will begin to see some seeds planted for the eventual Owens-Shane match. Raw had no call ups last night, a perfect way for SD to grab some headlines; and outshine a mundane Raw is to bring up a few NXT talents and really shake up the scene. AOP can easily be inserted into the tag scene, and Asuka needs to be brought up last year. While Raw wasn’t bad; Smackdown can be memorable let’s see what they do. Enjoy.

Possible Call Ups to be on the look out


Bobby Roode


Authors Of Pain

No Way Jose


Raw Review(8/22/2017)

Monday Night kicked off with semi bang last night There were quite a few interesting developments however not many conclusion from it John Cena made his return to Raw and called out the new golden child Roman while there interaction was compelling not sure who I'm supposed to root for The stand out performances were The Miz and of course Samoa Joe Miz delivered passionate promo tearing into Cena Reigns .

The main event tag match was fine but afterwards was left wondering what is was the point and we're is it going So the Lesnar-Strowman match suggested for Survivor Series in November it's happening in weeks at No Mercy.

 Really That's big money match that deserves bigger show regardless opening the show with Strowman throwing around Lesnar like rag doll does wet the appetite for the match 

The really wasn't much follow up on various programs last night or either they just stood in place Balor defeated Jason Jordan have no idea Bliss invoked her rematch clause next week so there's something to look forward too seeing again While the Hardy Boyz taking on the new tag champs was really good match again I'm left scratching my head on what purpose it served . Raw was basic but good, just not much else to speak about.


Track Of The Day(Brand New Tuesday)

With 95 nomination and 26 Grammys Snoop Dogg has cemented his legacy has one of the most accomplished Hip Hop artist of all time Snoop has done tremendous job at remaining authentic while finding shrewd avenue to remain non frightening to most of corporate America With his snizzle verbiage and dabble in Sports and Politics Snoop is worldwide brand It's may be while before Hip Hop has an artist like Snoop Enjoy


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