Ratings Are Down & Nobody Is Shocked !!!!!

Ratings have hit an all time low in WWE for both Raw and Smackdown this week and while I’m sure the higher-ups will scoff at these numbers and fool themselves that it’s no big deal and this is just following the trend. Do not kid yourself these numbers are at an all time low in fact because 70% of WWE product is objectively just bad. There are fewer people watching wrestling today than 10 or 15 years ago those are just facts, and while wrestling as evolved in many positive ways except for probably the most crucial one there is storytelling. A majority of WWE television feels like it’s being written for children when a majority of their paying customers are adults. Yes wrestling does not need to have a feel an award-winning drama, but to constantly insult your audience intelligence with obvious lapse in logic, no continuity, your never rewarded for remember any details, characters constantly flip-flopping, it’s just horrible storytelling that would not be excepted for any other for genre. So when I read Raw the flagship show almost went below 2 million viewers in one hour this barely hanging on fan was not shocked.

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