Raw Preview(1-8-17)

Tonight's Raw from Memphis, TN has quite a few intriguing sub plots that will hopefully put the Royal Rumble in a few weeks more in focus. Surprisingly but shouldn't be the top billing on WWE site is The return of Miz. Hopefully with his recent hiatus WWE will feel the need him bring back with a slightly more serious persona. For me the 2nd biggest story is the follow up between Joe and Romans IC title match last week. One would think since " The Big Dog" won clean this should be over; but past exiprences tells me this is far from done. I think Vince's top priority should be the mid card over the next few weeks; give fans 2 or 3 believable options on who could win the rumble. The Championship match between Lensar-Kane-Strowman is a for gone conclusion. The man to push as a strong contender is Fin Balor; his reunion with former Bullet Club members last week could be exactly what Fin needs to get back on track. In my opinion going heel and going over to SD would really get him moving in a different direction. Even if he stays babyface putting him back with Gallows and Anderson is significantly better than what he was doing before. The final program is the 1st ever Women's Royal Rumble; which if it wasn't for the novelty factor and curiosity of who from the past will participate in this first ever ; this Women's division wouldn't be worth discussing. I can't remember the last time WWE has booked and one on one program between two women; at this point both division are boring and uninteresting, and I don't see that changing.

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