Raw Review 12-5-17

The Main Event of Raw felt Attitude Era style in both the good and bad ways; there was a significant amount of chaos surrounding it which lead to a decently somewhat surprising ending to the show. I personally haven't been blown away buy Jason Jordans performances as of late; while I agree the slimy heel role he's doing better in but not much better. I wish I had more of opinion on "Woken" Matt Hardy but unfortunately I might fall into the minority who doesn't truly understand the appeal. However with that being said if the character gets over with fans I'm all for pushing him on television even more. Paige look good in her return to the ring her and Sasha had a nice solid safe match that continues to build her back up along with her cronies  who's names escape me. The more intriguing aspect of Paiges return is the dichotomy between her and Asuka, while Asuka hasn't been booked perfectly she's hasn't been booked that poorly either as well. Finally another solid week for "The Monster Among Men" Braun stuck to the formula that has worked come out destroy then Roar. His pending rematch with Kane is uninteresting at best, but they have been building this program for about month so they do have to see it through.

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