SmackDown Live Review

Charlotte Flair returned to help Becky Lynch and hurt Carmella

Becky continues to be tremendous in whatever she's ask to do; not too many performers can pull off earnestly as well as her. So one can only hope that it will be Charlotte to be the one to turn on Becky and not the other way around. Carmella is completely unbelievable as a champion but WWE is desperately trying to convince us otherwise.

The Miz and Daniel Bryan engaged in jaw-dropping war of words

It's a shame;after all this build up over the last year; this just doesn't feel personal enough to me. 

Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton both attacked Jeff Hardy

Honestly this is not the most intriguing program going on SD right now,but does have a very motivated Orton doing some of his best work in years; so for that it's at least been interesting viewing at least. 

Samoa Joe delivered a personal SummerSlam message to AJ Styles

Samoa Joe's delivery was menacing, focused, and deeply personal. Bringing another man's family into the mix has the potential to elevate this feud pretty quickly into something special. But that's if you believe WWE has the ability to treat a potential deep in dept story line with the professionalism and decency it would require. I don't!! But still great promo 

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