SmackDown Live Review

I must say after watching last night's go home show for "Hell In The Cell" my optimism for the show was diminished just a tad bit with some oddly scripted segments. In actually it may not matter because this is a 1 match show. Last night was center mostly around the main event program Owens-Shane, and once again they delivered another strong solid segment with Owens vicious beat down of Shane to end the show.  It wasn't as effective as the one he gave Vince, but more concerning than that is I hope this doesn't mean Shane winning; as that would be a catastrophic mistake. The rest of the show was really just paint by numbers 101 booking. I would point you to the promo between New Day-Usos which had some really clever lines by both teams, however I have the fundamental problem with grown professional  athletes talking junk in one  another faces and no one throws a punch or interrupts; it's just silly. It's an issue all throughout wrestling really, just stand on the stage so you don't look like cowards. Either way not sure WWE really put its best forward with this show last night, but time will tell where this goes. Enjoy

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