Smackdown Live YouTube Review


While a beat down in professional wrestling is nothing new; this particular one did actually have a sense of chaos and realism to it; I give most of that credit to Sanity as they continue to build a name for themself with beatdowns over the Usos, Team Hell NO, and New Day. 

The women’s divisions is dreadful; with an equally dreadful champiom

Now this was hilarious; this is mostly what I do not like in my wrestling; too much comedy which usually just devalues these supposed outlaw athletes and makes them jokes, however as I’ve stated before my nostalgia love for Team “Hell No” definitely does leave a blind spot; plus I though the it was leniently funny.

The fact that your WWE Champion is on the middle of the show seems to be continuous thing is a problem that most fans don’t even notice.

Solid Main Event that means absolutely nothing

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