SmackDown Live YouTube Review

 While SmackDown isn't a perfect show buy any standards; but it has one huge advantage over Raw; it's only 2 hours. In view of the fact that it tends to be more watchable, and it does have the edge over more compelling character on Tuesday Night. But trust me same man books this show so it's definitely not with out flaws. 

Daniel Bryan comes out people cheer;Bryan wins fans go home its simple. This is how you book Daniel Bryan

Samao Joe is the best thing WWE has going right now in my opinion so I'm definitely not on board with him loosing; but I don't think it will make a difference in the long run. Rusev has seem to lost steam the last month at least with some casual fans; so maybe a victory for the Bulgarian Brut is what he needs; only time will tell. Also Miz was great as usual. 

Good match for what it was; but Nakamura is more interesting in this heel run than his whole 2 years prior; stunning what a change of character can do

I want someone to explain to me who came out of this looking good? And why this was the main event. 

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