Thor The Dark World

“Thor The Dark World” is definitely not one of Marvel’s most desirable films; with a very lackluster plot along with an uneven tone to the movie; it’s honestly just lacks very little excitement that so many of us have come to expect from a Marvel Super Hero cinematic experience. While yes the final action piece is actually stronger than most and again the comedic timing is pretty spot on for the majority of the film; there’s a lot of plotting and dialog that’s just uninteresting or mystifying for just extended periods of time.


•Chris Hemsworth again as Thor knocks it’s out the park with his performance of “The God Of Thunder” with this being his 3rd outing he’s clearly found a comfort zone with the character and knows exactly the correct tone to take with him at this stage of his mythology.
• Tom Hiddleston as Loki stole every scene he was in and his ability to make you feel for a character that has done so much evil is truly masterful, on a side note I though the relationship between Loki and his mother was the best part of the movie along with help explain Loki motivations.
• The one aspect of this film that works for me better is Asgard actually feels like a more lived in place; actually got to see other people on the planet interact with each other. Just a much better job of world building.
• As noted before I thought the comedy mostly worked and was sprinkled in at the correct times and I know some had a problem with Kat Dennings lines however I genuinely found her to be the funniest.


Score: 6

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