Hit The City

Ready to geek out?    I am!

The newest update from City Of Titans has MMO / RPG fans stuck to their keyboards. It's only a teaser, you could easily see much effort went into this video footage. Currently in Avatar Builder mode, the costumes and physics look better than some existing franchises.

It even talks about adjusting your character's powers after as you go on. I'm looking forward to the public release, got some toons in mind to create. If I made a rapper, would you try to battle him? Enough about me, check out this Missing Worlds Media update (teaser).

Man Of The Year – Jamal Gasol

What's baking out there?

I hope it's been a blessed week for all. Sharing this new post from an accomplished artist, to say the least. Song titled, Man Of The Year, who is disputing that after the last 365? Gasol brings hits consistently, Sun Tzu has proved that with recent posts. When you hear the track from SCVTTERBRVIN, you will feel it immediately. Jamal has skills with the word play while putting haters in their place. Man or woman, this is your theme. Pull up the track and leave a reaction below.

Trust No Hoes – StarrBux

Our young boy is back with a new wave. Always moving forward, great characteristic to have. StarrBux is all about that, the title speaks for itself. I don't trust them, either! Shout out to Aside, paving the path with his production. The track has melody, along with the energy, sounds like a knockout combo to me.

Pull up this track @YouTube


Up The Ladder – Jamal Gasol

Got some fire for you today! More I hear from this artist, the better the songs get. Truly, hear MR. 31 coming into his own with this thunderous track by Eye Dee Beats. Watch the matching griddy visuals in the video shot by D Hawks TV.

It Ain’t Safe – Jamal Gasol & Benny The Butcher … Continued…

Had to spin the blog once I saw the new video. Shouts to everybody involved in this anthem. D Hawks TV managed to get Quis Star, Benny & Jamal in the shoot.

Dope treatment, showing some local action. Watch how the NY State & NYC connect.

The streets and the streams are on fire! This is already one of my favorite songs. Two artists, I have been following the past couple years working together. Jamal Gasol & Benny The Butcher show great chemistry on their recent duo, It Ain't Safe.

We can not leave out O.G. producer Quis Star with that sound putting you right in the song! This combination makes for Upstate royalty, I ain't gotta tell you to listen...