Promising MMO World With Ship Of Heroes

When it comes to role playing games and massively multiplayer online games, we have plenty medievals to choose from. Excessive, in my opinion. Glad to see all the effort in keeping the super-hero genre buzzing. Since publishing a graphic novel, a good hero MMO gives great visuals and backstory to my character. Find it very hard to do that with all the ancient repeated online games. Plus, they lack in character depth. All have the same skin tone and type. Clothing or material is very limited.

Ship Of Heroes looks to be a breath of fresh air in that department. The graphic engine is beyond up to date, gives your toon a total new feel. From readings, they will allow players  as many tools as possible to achieve the design they desire. Powers, physics, as well as accessibility is expected to improve the approach to online hero games. Here are some recent videos from SOH in the slider below.

I'm happy to see their progress, so far. I l know how tedious creating one 3D character can be, I could imagine an entire game. Best of regards to the developers at on The Ship!


Featured Mixtape By Merlino – Spitta Season: Beta 1.0

The Artist: North Philly born father, husband, artist whose just tryna live for GOD. I got tired of spreading hate through music so now im spreading Love. Street meets the gospel!!! CCC Culture Changing Christians reppa!!!

  1. Son Do Merlino 2:36
  2. Plans Merlino Ft - Steel - Lo 3:14
  3. Roll Up Merlino 2:54
  4. Going No Where Merlino 3:27
  5. Long Live The Chief Merlino 2:41
  6. God Got Me Merlino 3:49
  7. Spitta Season Merlino 3:15
  8. No Bar Average Freestyle (NBA) Merlino Ft - J. Ford 3:00
  9. Exibit A Freestyle Merlino 3:23
  10. The Tre's Merlino 3:15
  11. Black Gold Merlino Ft- Syheem 2:26

New Music From Jamal Gasol – Tony’s Dream

Here's a hard one! Jamal giving you that pain in an art form. He flips his life with some major films we're familiar with. Intifada Beats (Jigsaw) is here to stay with beats like these. Press Play and get right to this.

Rare Unmixed Tracks

  1. Scotch Bonnet {Unmixed} 1 Shot Spitune 3:23
  2. 7 11 Shot {Unmixed} 1 Shot Spitune 3:33

New StarrBux Video – So Long

I'm feeling this song and the slogan! StarrBux steps out from the crowd with these rhymes from the heart. Must admit, I'm a sucker for love with smooth tracks. JustChill Beat produced one of the smoothest sounds in the background. Check it out!