Billy Danze Returns With A Double Barrel

Peace to the All Nighters, welcome if it's your first time. Our post today makes me so proud to be a part of this. This artist is one of the greats that inspired me, along with many other aspiring artists. As much as we love his group, Billy Danze has a strong first step as a solo artist. M.O.P fans need not be disappointed, Danzini is still Downtown Swingin with hardcore tracks provided by G - Whiz and Johnny Famous.

The double - single release of Halle Berry and Whop It is getting acknowledged by fans internationally. Hence the term, World Famous. Bill shows slickness with powerful lines, while reminding that you can still get it! Early work is leading to a promising solo album. Resources say, there are some 1st Family favorites as guest appearances. You will be more than pleased. For now, enjoy Halle Berry & Whop It.

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