Billy Danze Returns With A Double Barrel

Peace to the All Nighters, welcome if it's your first time. Our post today makes me so proud to be a part of this. This artist is one of the greats that inspired me, along with many other aspiring artists. As much as we love his group, Billy Danze has a strong first step as a solo artist. M.O.P fans need not be disappointed, Danzini is still Downtown Swingin with hardcore tracks provided by G - Whiz and Johnny Famous.

The double - single release of Halle Berry and Whop It is getting acknowledged by fans internationally. Hence the term, World Famous. Bill shows slickness with powerful lines, while reminding that you can still get it! Early work is leading to a promising solo album. Resources say, there are some 1st Family favorites as guest appearances. You will be more than pleased. For now, enjoy Halle Berry & Whop It.

Salute Your OG: Billy Danze

I Proudly Take This Time To Shine Light On A  Hip Hop Legend

Wow, seems nearly two decades, wait before I get to that...

My definition and every other bloggers definition of Hip Hop will always vary. Though, we will meet on common grounds with some points, it all makes great convo. I was very close minded to certain styles, was like a soldier with my rap consumption. Through the years I realized favorite doesn't necessarily mean best. Recognizing strengths of artists I didn't like, helped me to notice where to improve.  Plus appreciate when my favorites take risks more.

Personally, I feel this art form is about demonstrating power, finesse, wit, uplifting, using dialects. All while keeping the listener rockin, vibin to your flows. Of course, you have to ride the beat, make the producer proud! I was usually drawn to rappers who spit hard and lyrical. This style once reined our genre, not so much this present time. Recently listeners have grown huge demand for more melodic sounds. A good MC is a good MC, so I dig the variety. I still have that underground structure in me, fortunately, my sense for good radio-friendly music is keen. Right now, no other artist comes to mind who defines this timeline.

That's right, nearly two decades since I started listening to M.O.P.   Till this day they hold world- class titles for the hardest  raps.  Billy Danze with long time partner Lil Fame (Fizzy Wo) often pained hardships on records. Back and forth rigid personalities over vivid DJ Premier tracks.  Who remembers when Blood Sweat Tears played in Belly? Instantly went crazy in the theater. There is yet to be a  harder smash hit about booking somebody than Ante Up.

The Brownsville natives are known for creating authentic Hip Hop moment. The type that soundtrack the streets ugliness. Lately, Billy expresses more sides to his personality in solo releases. Play Time Gangstas pokes fun at the obvious with some harmonizing from Mac Wilds. Sorry no harmonizing from Danze...

We Out Here is a club hit featuring a cool hook from Prin$e Alexander. I know Brooklyn is lit for BarclaysMusic with  Eyesenpowa and Damorne Warren. On a more sensitive political topic,     6 O'clock Briefing speaks directly to our historic president. You must hear for yourself.

                                                     Open Links Below, Listen, Then Leave Your Review In The Comment Section

                                                                                                          6  O'clock Briefing                                                                                                                                         6  O'clock Briefing @iTunes

                                                                                                    Play Time Gangstas 

                                                                                                   Play Time Gangstas  @iTunes

                                                                             Barclays Music Ft - Eyezenpowa & Damorne Warren

                                                                                                     Barclays Music @iTunes

                                                                                                  We Out Her Ft - Prin$e Alexander

                                                                                                       We Out Here @iTunes

       Keep your ears to the web for more releases from the global movement We Build Hits. Our OG is spreading the wealth with independent talents internationally. Now salute the man that  brought all this to you, with more on the way.

Speaking Of More...

Watch some of the latest videos from Billy Danze!!!

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