Blood Money

Blood Money is something a majority that most Americans let alone most Americans companies all take part in; yes the watch your wearing or that purse you just bout or the new underwear you just got was most likely created off some unfair systems that takes advantage of their workers. However hypocrisy aside WWE standing firm that next Friday they will still be going to Saudi Arabia for their “Crown Jewel” show. While I’m not much into politics but you have to be living under a rock If you haven’t at least heard about the brutal killing of an American journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and if you believe the reports his murder was orchestrated buy the exact same people WWE is doing business with. There will be some who say you can’t cancel the show because there could be long term legal effects and that may turn out to be true, however WWE knew who they were getting into bed with; this is the same Saudi Arabia who just allowed Women to start drinking, a place were you can be be headed for being a Christian or gay or Jewish and ect…. these are many of the reasons this was a bad deal from the start and it looking like it’s only getting worse. And why is WWE still doing the deal instead of caving into public pressure from media and Senator members alike; well like I said Blood Money WWE is reported to make 450 million dollars over the next 10 years through this deal; retired wrestler who claim to stand for this and that are flocking out of retirement to get this huge payday. Money rules the world.

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