Montana Grammar – RJ Payne X Robert Denir0

What It Sound Like?

Tonight’s video is a shortee that makes up for time with pure quality!

I’m pleased to write about the artists involved in our feature. The emcee is heavily rooted in Hip Hop culture, with a track record deserving of a documentary. Philly representative, RJ Payne holds no punches back. My first time hearing him was over a decade ago. He destroyed rappers in front an MTV audience. Long story short, he was robbed of a championship title and potential record deal. After a particular producer of interest heard him spit, he chose to work with RJ despite the decision of Viacom. An undying desire kept him going, eventually receiving honorable mentions by Black Thought.  

Stepping into the present, Payne picks up a monster instrumental from Robert Denir0. A big look for both, Robert has a waiting list of rappers wanting tracks from him. So, it’s an ideal scenario for a veteran recording artist. This meeting of talent will propel RJ further than he already is. 

If you have eyesight, you gotta dig the visuals!  4KHD organic back block footage of Philly. Montana Grammar sets the tone for funeral music for the weak rappers out there. The horns in the background, dark Chevy truck creeping solidify the burial. 

We’re blessed to witness the first official video with a Denir0 beat. Which happens to be with a well accomplished rapper. I won’t take up more of your time, thanks for coming through. Bless all from the Most High. Show your support and enjoy the brand new video!


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