Smackdown Live Review(12-5-17)

With Smack-down having a PPV a week from Sunday last night show  was definitely a steady paint by numbers show setting the stage for  story lines going into "Clash Of Champions". Even with a complete line up there are 2 programs that have any real juice behind them. I thought last night video package for the rematch between Mahal-Styles was well done, but let's be honest the only suspense seeing if Vince will make the asinine decision of putting the title back on Jinder. While I'm not of fan programs that are heavily based on the GMs,however I am slightly intrigued at the tension that is at play between Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon only if it leads to anything with meaning. My hesitation is that it will not lead to anything meaningful  just a way to feel TV time out for a few weeks. The rest of the show was far from bad, just formulated. Enjoy

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