INSIGHT ON-SITE / Deuce Hennessy x Chuck Chan x Kil

What It Sound Like? 

Getting ready for a new week. Always looking forward to opportunity. Before we advance, let's get into one more #HomeTeam chapter. Deuce  Hennessy merge with double headed producer, Chuck Chan and Kil. An interesting approach.

 All vocals by way of Deuce, so we get a cycle of his personality. Let alone, a few vocal samples. The combined production of Kil and Chan is quite instrumental. Collectively, the entirety of each track is strong. Instead of one overwhelming plug in. They are laid back, mirroring the West New York artist.

 A great portion of this piece is revealing. He patterns his style with  compound rhymes, rarely relying on single ended bars. Many witty  cadences pierce through the rough mold of past hardships. Fear or  Respect gives you an idea of why he mentioned depression in Overthinking. One of my favorite emcees, used rap as his cure and landed a record  deal with the biggest label in our culture. Joe Budden battled similar issues and became very successful with Def Jam. Flows are different, but not a bad example of aspiration. Opposition is embraced on joints like I Know They Hate Me and Dish To Pass. The tone shifts, sound of victory is more noticeable. The liveliest beat was saved for last. Deuce goes back in with the bars on Elder Statesman. Standing his ground as a true lyricist.

 I like when projects close with lyrics and heavy percussion. It's like a  cliffhanger leading to a new movie. This album is play list material,  already in mine. Add it to yours. Thank the readers and other talents that support the support. Most High blessings to you and yours! 

No Joy Without Pain 2 – Jamal Gasol And By Kil

Who else is having a good start to Spring?

No complaints on my end. Too many blessings in the way to see something to complain for. Though, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate this joy if I never had pain. Yup, just like this follow up to the 2017 project. Reuniting with Philly producer Kil was the right move for Jamal. Kil expresses different tones with his jazzy samples. Easy to tell he is experienced when it comes to crate digging for that right piece. 

We were revisited by some other artists that worked with Jamal Gasol before. To kick off the show, John Creasy makes his presence felt on Trials And Tribulations. A recent addition to Piff Music Empire, he embodies the young, West New York movement. Another dope feature is California lyricist, Killa Kali. Remember him on Stranger Things? He impressed us again, this time on Lesson Learned. 

Overall, our Featured Artist has a project with good repeat value. Something to ride to, roll up to, you get me... The rhymes are growing along with the content. Which is why you must support No Joy /without Pain 2. Usually I post free stream links, this time click the iTunes link to purchase. It's less than what you may spend on cigarettes and fast food, neither of the two help you live. 



Video Added

I know you enjoying the sound, now you can have visuals with it. Check this surreal video for First Cousins. Reality Rap at it's best, the artist brings hardship to life in this short film. Hurry up, press play!

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