Genesis – John Creasy

What's Shakin?

Tell em, John Creasy! We got blessed with another solo project following the Spring hit, Power. This time around, he is only accompanied by the Aussie producer, KHARNI CLASSIX. One who laid an audio-brick road for the artist to cruise over. Honestly, I just want to roll a foot-long and get lost in these tracks. 

Great to witness Creasy entering the game and improving along the way. This project is short and easy to vibe to. He pays homage to the OG's before us with, Losing Weight. Real Hip Hop heads know the classics by Cam'ron with Juelz Santana and the late, Prodigy. Might be my favorite on the EP, I'm eager to hear your favorites.

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Power – John Creasy

What's Shakin?

We got new music from someone I'm glad to present, John Creasy. Next up on the Piff Music Empire roster, he keeps the tradition going. Creasy has style that allows him to stand out whether feature or solo. Power happens to have some strong features from artists buzzing all over the stream sites. Fellow Dirty Waters emcees, Jamal Gasol and Benny The Butcher show you how Buffalo / Niagara give it up. The Brooklyn boy, Sauce Heist also played a major role in this project. 

Each artist brings it over classic production by Enrichment! Each beat sounds like it's telling a story, leading into the other. The big story we can't ignore is how John landed this on the same day as the show's return. Perfect business move, so go show your support at Band Camp.

Now Or Never II Jamal Gasol x John Creasy

Get your Piff ready!

You definitely wanna be in your zone while you play this EP. Before we get into Now Or Never II, let’s salute Jamal Gasol and John Creasy. They have been active with hit worthy material. Tonight, is another example of how they prove it. 

Still on the follow up theme, the sequel keeps it funky with original producer, Won87. I’m glad they kept the same elements, such a consistent flow. The combination of beats with Dirty Waters Duo is a head tapper.

Earlier, I had to take it back to 1st Infantry by Alchemist. I put Jamal & John in that same playlist, got the right sound for the samples. Plus they’re spittin what we want to hear.

Click the link below, listen and comment.

DMX – John Creasy Featuring Jamal Gasol

What's good All Niters?

Got some heat for you today! This is one of our extended artists, John Creasy. Right away, I hear the confidence over a harmonic background. Creasy switches up the flow for the beat by Attix/10TTT. The new Piff Empire member brings that real that you can feel.

Accompanied with a strong feature from Mr 31, Jamal Gasol they have a sure hit. Plays are going through the roof online, let's keep that same energy.

No Joy Without Pain 2 – Jamal Gasol And By Kil

Who else is having a good start to Spring?

No complaints on my end. Too many blessings in the way to see something to complain for. Though, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate this joy if I never had pain. Yup, just like this follow up to the 2017 project. Reuniting with Philly producer Kil was the right move for Jamal. Kil expresses different tones with his jazzy samples. Easy to tell he is experienced when it comes to crate digging for that right piece. 

We were revisited by some other artists that worked with Jamal Gasol before. To kick off the show, John Creasy makes his presence felt on Trials And Tribulations. A recent addition to Piff Music Empire, he embodies the young, West New York movement. Another dope feature is California lyricist, Killa Kali. Remember him on Stranger Things? He impressed us again, this time on Lesson Learned. 

Overall, our Featured Artist has a project with good repeat value. Something to ride to, roll up to, you get me... The rhymes are growing along with the content. Which is why you must support No Joy /without Pain 2. Usually I post free stream links, this time click the iTunes link to purchase. It's less than what you may spend on cigarettes and fast food, neither of the two help you live. 



Video Added

I know you enjoying the sound, now you can have visuals with it. Check this surreal video for First Cousins. Reality Rap at it's best, the artist brings hardship to life in this short film. Hurry up, press play!