No Heart Anthony – Mak P X Quis Star

What It Sound Like? 

Continuing this musical dream I don't want to wake from. Day after day, week after week you keep giving me good tunes to type about. 

Our recording artist is new to Rhyme All Night, not new to the mic. Mak P is a young Baltimore spitta with an old soul. Hear the aggression while his edgy lines rapidly land. 

A RAN favorite cooked up the sounds in the background. Salute to Quis Star for the harmonic sample. He always comes through with the neck breakers. 

No Heart Anthony is a hard one-verser to give you a piece of the catalog. Mak is eager to bring you more heat on the way. Check this joint on Sound Cloud for free. Thanks for breaking from your schedule to come here. God bless to all!

Listen Below 

The World Is Piff 1.5 – Jamal Gasol

What It Sound Like?

Music is in the air! Before we start on tonight's album, I want to biggup our subject. Jamal Gasol has left the street life behind, without leaving behind the streets.

A true Hip Hop story, uprising from poverty. Unfortunate setbacks with the law, none of this could stand in his way. Now, Jamal scrambles content on the airwaves.

The latest project is a follow-up. The World Is Piff 1.5 is no let down to its prequel. Get ready for an All-Star production lineup.

Michaelangelo, Halal Seeds, KoolMajorz, Wavy Da Ghawd, Quis Star, Sean SMDSandy Solo, and Ol Man 80zz. The Piff man sharpens his pen from track to track.

It's a blend of boom bap with the right touch of grime. Personally, I feel the way the intro sets the energy for the rest of the album. Two fellow Art Dealers are featured, as well. Illa Dutch and Lord Juco made strong appearances.

Jamal continues to make a statement! His hustle will not be denied. Light up this 1.5 and come back for nothing less than a quarter...

Available In All Stores Listen For Free Below

The World Is Piff – Jamal Gasol

<strong>What's shakin, All Nighters?</strong>

This guy is constantly hustling, constantly improving. How can people get caught up with fake rap, when reality like this is available? Jamal Gasol entered the game straight out the trap, give credit to the variety of content he brings. His rhyme is not just about drug sales, Mr. 31 got a sharp pen. Listeners can definitely get their Piff on to this, but it’s something for the ladies, also. Gasol got a tearjerker for you, as he got deep about the passing of a potential relationship.

TWIP  is a perfect title for this project. People around the world are showing love to the kid from the Dirty Waters! This line up of producers speaks volume: ScvtterbrvinEto, Jlvsn, Won87Quis Star, MichaelAngelo, plus Camoflauge Monk. The vocals were all his, carrying the weight. Altogether, it sounds better than many major label releases. Log on @BandCamp and show your support, as Jamal gets it off the muscle!

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Larry Davis Era – Jamal Gasol & Quis Star

This is the type of movement I started our Featured Artist section for. The love that gets reciprocated can't be bought. We truly get to watch artist grow into future stars. Currently, our topic today pays homage to a recognized hero from the past. As I listen to Larry Davis Era, I feel Jamal Gasol got his mission accomplished. This Is just my opinion, sounds like he wanted to shine light on the legend, plus incorporate the life of his own. Job well done!

The range in beats provided by Quis Star is like a telescope. His sound is becoming signature with Jamal.  Can't out leave the features.

Not many guest appearances, however Benny The Butcher and Washy presence was felt. From the griddy raps to the smooth radio friendly vibe. It's a complete project you will ride to. Listen now, leave your reaction in the comments.


It Ain’t Safe – Jamal Gasol & Benny The Butcher … Continued…

Had to spin the blog once I saw the new video. Shouts to everybody involved in this anthem. D Hawks TV managed to get Quis Star, Benny & Jamal in the shoot.

Dope treatment, showing some local action. Watch how the NY State & NYC connect.

The streets and the streams are on fire! This is already one of my favorite songs. Two artists, I have been following the past couple years working together. Jamal Gasol & Benny The Butcher show great chemistry on their recent duo, It Ain't Safe.

We can not leave out O.G. producer Quis Star with that sound putting you right in the song! This combination makes for Upstate royalty, I ain't gotta tell you to listen...

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