Spitta Season – King Merlino

What It Sound Like?

Kids are going back to school, travelers are gassing up. It looks like that season again, Spitta Season. After seeds well planted of a previous mix tape release. The now crowned, King Merlino distributes his single through your favorite online stores.

Previously, I had the luxury of doing a write-up on the entire project, tonight we focus solely on the single. Soon as the intro is heard, the audience anticipates a bang. Whoever guessed so, was right. That is exactly what the audience gets from this track. I wish I had a clever way to biggup the producer of this action packed beat. However, like the age of Wolverine, the source remains unknown.

Nonetheless, that doesn't detour Merlino from ripping through the line up. I'm so glad people are listening to rhymes again. He has the bars to keep you from snoozing. That's right, I recommend this real Hip Hop for all who need to stay up. Spectators, the pressed for time, and especially you truck drivers. 

The aggressive flow with lyrics that appear so well thought out. After listening to this artist, you too will recognize he does it so natural. Each reader has your option of which store to pick up the new released, Spitta Season. Which is your favorite?

God bless!

Listen Below

Like I’m Biggie – Merlino







Peace to all!

Spitta Season is definitely around the corner. I'm proud of the momentum our Featured Artists are moving with. Today, Merlino keeps the Golden Era poppin with his new title,

Like I'm Biggie. The artist shows dominance over a track that brings chills, similar to the late Brooklynite, while staying original. My first time hearing production by Young Devante, skills of an old soul.The slick, sharp lines of Merlino always get replays. Plenty of bars like those on this new joint. He didn't try to emulate Notorious instead it sounds as if a Biggie verse could fit right in. Lino is a perfect bridge for a lot of musical disconnects between people. Whether young, OG's, South, North, West, spiritual or religous.

Pull up the track below and leave your reaction.

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