Swept Under The Ring: #MayCon

I am a boxing fan, overall before I start naming individual favorites. Always thought boxing was for us insiders, maybe I just didn't think inexperienced opinions mattered. Over the years, I've been educated. Girlfriends, co-workers, church mates, social media randoms, etc. They fall in that casual fan category. This article is more driven by my concerned for casual fan's investment well spent.

#MayCon is the big prize fighter hype, Floyd in the ring with Conor will be intersting, to say the least. Unfortunately, big money was not spread to promote more exciting fights. Skill wise, along with back stories that would have sold themselves. Early in the year, we had the rematch of Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev. The first match was definitely under-sold. Undefeated light heavyweights, pure boxer against knockout artist. Good Ol' USA and Russia classic.

Ward is one of the last Americans to win an Olympic gold medal, cleared every known super middleweight at the time. Moving up to 175 pounds to face the most feared puncher in the division. This was the beginning of those toe to toe, explosive bouts fight fan fans missed out on.



Ward Kovalev II


My next selection, I use the phrase "Mexican Shootout" to describe the bout. That is when you see a mostly flat footed match, yea all offense. In fact, these warriors happen to be Mexican. No one blocked much, nor got on the pedal to get away. Omar Figueroa Jr. had at least, a 17 month lay off, moved up in weight to take on veteran Robert Guerrero. Might be the most action packed, yet!

Figueroa Jr VS Guerrero


One of my favorite, so far is Adrien Broner  vs Mikey Garcia. Similar to our previous match up, Garcia recently returned from a two year hiatus. Former featherweight champ, had two welcome back fights before his 140 pound debut with Broner. We're talking a marksman competing with the crafty style that once mirrored Flyd Mayweather Jr.  True explanation of the term "Styles Make Fights".

Garcia VS Broner

My next two, haven't happened yet. One is booked for next month, the other is being avoided by promoters. The magnitude of Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Gennady "Triple G" Golovkin is being totally unappreciated. Two fighter that have entire countries supporting them, not to mention USA. Saul, from Mexico,  are some of their countries' biggest boxing stars in decades. Canelo has a knockout record of forty nine wins, a draw and his only lost was to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The best lost a welterweight could have, presently. He only corrected weaknesses and improved since. Triple G from Kazakhstan, in the other corner, hasn't faced near the same level of competition. You will still be impressed with what has done to his opponents. Another knockout artist, in thirty seven wins, they all have touch the canvas. Alvarez, a natural born phenom with no amateur matches. The Lebron James of boxing, if you would. Golovkin tried his hand in the amateurs and became the gold medalist. Their pro-careers have been stellar. Both boxers are highly skilled, plus powerful punchers with bad intention. This upcoming event won't go the distance.


Triple G And Canelo Knockouts

Now, for that avoided fight, which could be most explosive of the year. These two are the smallest, yet the more talented boxers around. This is becoming a trend in this feed, two gold medals, each. Both managing to capture world titles under twelve bouts. One controversial loss between them.

Vasil Lomachenko and Guillermo Rigonduex would be a perfect matchmaker. There is nothing they can't do in the ring. Maybe, except for getting hit. If you thought Pernell Whitaker and Mayweather Jr. played the game of "Hit And Not Get Hit" wait till you see these two.


Lomachenko - Rigondeux Highlights

Track Of The Day

Friday’s ” Track of the day ” will be coming from my personal favorite collection First up is Eminem In my eyes is the Greatest rap artist of all time Now save me your Nas Jay Pac or whoever else you wanna throw in there It’s completely subjective matter everyone has their own definition of what the purpose of writing music is What look for is authenticity originality diversity and of course supremely high level of ability to draw picture for the audience In my opinion Eminem checks all those boxes ” Be careful for what you wish for ” Let’s you inside of mind of man who doesn’t see his success as success anymore 


Throwback Thursday

This weeks Throwback Thursday is dedicated to The Great DMX. While some will wallow on the his recent up and downs; I rather will focus on his brilliance as an artist. “Slippin” besides being a personal favorite; it’s a dark, grimey, unique, perspective into how one man sees the world. A wise man once told me “if you can close your eyes and see yourself there; that’s art”. That’s DMX legacy. Enjoy


Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss Summerslam(Preview)

This years other Women Championship match will come from the Raw It will be ” Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss ” unlike SD this is the right match up Now before you give WWE props they were pushed into this match due to the injury to Baylee 

 Banks is by far the there top needle mover In the division Usually happens when the booking is done at its highest level but that’s not case here Sasha has been underutilized pretty much since her arrival on the main roster Yes her and Charlotte traded the title back and forth in the fall but buy the end it was obviously designed to make Charlotte bigger deal Last year it was reported Vince wasn’t high on her because of her tendency to be easily injured My guess since she wasn’t in the original plans, it does make it unlikely for her victory but I do think she deserves 2nd look at thatNot only is she a obviously great worker ,she’s has a ton of global appeal, being related to Infamous rapper ” Snoop Dog ” If I’m WWE my focus for the rest of 2017 is getting Banks up and running 


The champ Alexa is rising star in the company One year ago she was rookie that was known for being the manager for tag team that is no longer on the roster Since the split something unexpected astonishing happen star was bornThe vile stare she gives the crowd deep trimming insults to her opponents are very rousing in nature She’s young in the business so her in ring work is below average ,otherwise she has such an clear understanding of how to play her role: that makes up for the lack of experience  


The match won’t be stars but it’s good building block to set up an engaging women feud for the Fall .


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