Everything about this song reminds me of the old wu tang mixtapes my mom and her boyfriend play all the time. Ecept for logic. He sounds out of place and like he’s trying really hard to sound the wu clan guys. It i think method man has the smoothest voice and stuff on this song then the rest of em. But this is a dope song i just wish Logic was’nt on his own song lol! ???????

Hi! i’m new to Rhymeallnight.com! My names Shae!

Being new to rhymeallnight.com i wanted to start by introducing myself.
I’m Shae!
I got into blogging threw supreme allah who i am his assistant!
Working for supreme i have met/heard alot of underground hip-hop i dont think i would’ve ever known aboout(like 1 SHOT). So i’ll start by showing you guys one of supreme’s favorite m.c.’s!
enjoy! feel free 2 leave a comment.
love ❤❤

Guess What I Got My Hands On!!!

Many years ago, one of the most dreadful things happened to me that could happen to a recording artist. My music that took years to build up, was lost. Mixtapes, demos, freestyles, completes, unfinished, you name it. All crashed on my old laptop. Recently, through the grace of God, those files were brought back to life.

You probably don't understand how much this means to me. Now fans will be able to hear what the younger version of me sounds like. Some people think I'm a new artist, let's see if they notice any of the old beats. Might be disappointed to find out your favorite rappers weren't this first to say many lines.

Great samples, later and previously used by legendary producers. Enough typing, listen and get caught up on the missing years of 1 Shot Spitune. I will add to this post periodically, check often.

  1. Picture That I Paint 2006 Produced By Track Bangas 4:38
  2. Be Like You 2006 Produced By Track Bangas 4:50
  3. GCBC 2006 Produced By Nyceflix 3:48
  4. Today 2006 Nyceflix Ft - 1 Shot Spitune 3:32
  5. 357 Freestyle 2005 1 Shot Spitune 1:06
  6. Where You At Freestyle (Boost Mobile) 2005 1 Shot Spitune 1:28
  7. City Freestyle 2005 1 Shot Spitune
  8. No No No Freestyle 2005 1 Shot Spitune
  9. Okay Freestyle 2005 1 Shot Spitune
  10. Two Words Freestyle 2005 1 Shot Spitune

Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss Summerslam(Preview)

This years other Women Championship match will come from the Raw It will be ” Sasha Banks vs Alexa Bliss ” unlike SD this is the right match up Now before you give WWE props they were pushed into this match due to the injury to Baylee 

 Banks is by far the there top needle mover In the division Usually happens when the booking is done at its highest level but that’s not case here Sasha has been underutilized pretty much since her arrival on the main roster Yes her and Charlotte traded the title back and forth in the fall but buy the end it was obviously designed to make Charlotte bigger deal Last year it was reported Vince wasn’t high on her because of her tendency to be easily injured My guess since she wasn’t in the original plans, it does make it unlikely for her victory but I do think she deserves 2nd look at thatNot only is she a obviously great worker ,she’s has a ton of global appeal, being related to Infamous rapper ” Snoop Dog ” If I’m WWE my focus for the rest of 2017 is getting Banks up and running 


The champ Alexa is rising star in the company One year ago she was rookie that was known for being the manager for tag team that is no longer on the roster Since the split something unexpected astonishing happen star was bornThe vile stare she gives the crowd deep trimming insults to her opponents are very rousing in nature She’s young in the business so her in ring work is below average ,otherwise she has such an clear understanding of how to play her role: that makes up for the lack of experience  


The match won’t be stars but it’s good building block to set up an engaging women feud for the Fall .

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