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What It Sound Like?

This is a short one to keep it hot with you! I want to share good vibes  with my peoples. Speaking of, let's give a big shout to Glam Boss Sioban Nicole and Shiniqua Simone of Fantasy Photograhpy. These special ladies want to see your boy succeed, as I want for them. If you don't know, Glam Boss is blessed in many facets, hair styling is one of them. Shiniqua is another triple-threat, or more. Photography, is an area she excels.

I was fortunate to have the attention of both for a photo session. If you saw my lives the other night, you already know my hair was ready to be redone. Siobahn got my wool right, and we preceded downtown Lake Worth, the Art District. Not by coincident, wet met the important people at the Cultural Council. Who let us know, there was a graffiti display inside. Great way to celebrate 40 years in business.

So, there's fly media coming soon for you. Plus, hit web series City Of War happened to be filming around the way, as well. The crew was cool. Lena Blue and 2 Dre and gave us drop to share! Had a blessed day with the ladies of the Coruscation House. Big thank you to every body who looked out for us. Including Marlon, a DJ of The Basement also delivered a cameo. I will update once I free up some time. Blessings from the Most High! Hold this for now.



SPLIFF:30 Hemp Rolling Papers

Official Rolling Papers Of 1 Shot Spitune

 What Time Is It?

 SPLIFF:30 Hemp Rolling Papers Artwork: Bless The General Sound Track: Roll Up – King Merlino







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Special Thanks – Black Leo Wanta: Resurfaced

What It Sound Like?

Moving in a different direction through this post tonight. I sidelined an album to give the streams a cool EP. It’s been weighing on me to work with these individuals riding with me on the project. They all did what I visualized, and more!

From the heart, thank you:

ProducersOnaje Jordan, Chuck Chan, Robert Deniro, Kelby Clarke (Runway Music Group)

Mixing  Engineer: Kelby Clarke (Runway Music Group)

Artwork: Kevin Fyvie

Film: Lanes – Miles Dixon

Recording Artists: Killy Shoot, Supreme Allah Magnetic, General Back Pain, & Lupus Dei

Thank you to each fan reading and reacting. Salute and thank you to the bloggers that posted Cognac Thoughts: Insomniac Magazine SpitFireHipHop

& Hip Hop My Way  ImaniNewsBlog

God placed everybody selectfully, listen and enjoy!

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As you can hear, the music deserves much more Followers. Click the link to keep up with one the most dynamics upcoming emcees. You like underground Hip Hop with a world-class sound? You will want to hear my new work on the way.

Undenyable – 1 Shot Spitune Ft Atswei Franaalo

What It Sound Like?

Me this time, the one I feel weird writing about. Nonetheless, this tune should draw in the bloggers, no doubt. I'm joined by the lovely voice of Atswei Franaalo.

I have once posted about her, still she is heard over the seas from Ghana. The numbers are steady increasing. Her voice came to mind after working on this tune a while back. So, pardon my delay. I really wanted the right one for this hook, Attie was on target. As I say, you gotta let the paint dry. The timing ended up being right.

On the visual art side, Bless The General took time out to make my vision work. He understands concepts and is able to deliver accurately.

I know you're wondering who laid the track. Biggups to Amp On The Track for this unforgettable melody. He made it easy to write to. Adding the finishing touches with the boss mix down, had to be Kelby Clarke! By the way, he's got some big news for you. I will let him do the honors.

Undenyable made a fun everlasting moment, everybody's work shines through. I am grateful to the staff, as well as the readers. Enough typing, listen to my song off my upcoming project.God bless, enjoy!

  1. Undenyable
    1 Shot Spitune X Atswei Franaalo


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