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What It Sound Like?

This is a short one to keep it hot with you! I want to share good vibes  with my peoples. Speaking of, let's give a big shout to Glam Boss Sioban Nicole and Shiniqua Simone of Fantasy Photograhpy. These special ladies want to see your boy succeed, as I want for them. If you don't know, Glam Boss is blessed in many facets, hair styling is one of them. Shiniqua is another triple-threat, or more. Photography, is an area she excels.

I was fortunate to have the attention of both for a photo session. If you saw my lives the other night, you already know my hair was ready to be redone. Siobahn got my wool right, and we preceded downtown Lake Worth, the Art District. Not by coincident, wet met the important people at the Cultural Council. Who let us know, there was a graffiti display inside. Great way to celebrate 40 years in business.

So, there's fly media coming soon for you. Plus, hit web series City Of War happened to be filming around the way, as well. The crew was cool. Lena Blue and 2 Dre and gave us drop to share! Had a blessed day with the ladies of the Coruscation House. Big thank you to every body who looked out for us. Including Marlon, a DJ of The Basement also delivered a cameo. I will update once I free up some time. Blessings from the Most High! Hold this for now.



The Loft – Mr Cooper x DJ Epps

What It Sound Like?

The past weekend is still on my mind. I don't do the partying I used to  do, but I ain't retired. You grow up listening to DJ's and hit music on the radio. We develop a certain admiration for it. Fast forward to the  present, in the club with a major disc jockey. Should I mention, in their very own VIP section? 

That was the scene Sunday Night with Mr Cooper, and Glam Boss at The Loft in the  Downtown, Palm Beach area. After a busy day, World Famous DJ  Epps popped out to put on an event! In the club environment Epps  doesn't have those FCC restrictions during prime time at Beatz 96.3 FM. He had the spot rockin to Hip Hop, Dancehall, and R&B joints. Warming it up for that Trap And B wave. What better time for a local Rhythm & Blues artist's single to be played?

 I appreciated the courtesy of being the main VIP, but I'm the type to touch the floor anyway. I gotta vibe with that energy. I saw other DJ's, more local stars, and upcoming artists. They all were showing love for Coop. Some of the flyest ladies i never saw around the way came out. Some were there from other cities. Despite that, my bro keeps it 1000 with his Mrs, who held her king down through the night. She's the lady that received his attention.

Since we're on the subject of the ladies. You need to go see the Queen for you  twists, dreads, etc. Check locqueenv for info. More business connections were made with the Glam Boss and gorgeous ladies in the building. They recognized her for the work she puts in with the hair industry, beauty, plus business in general.  

We thought the scene was coming to an end when No Mercy closed the  club, that only brought on the picture requests and contact exchanges. Coop left a lasting impression with his song and presence. DJ Epps put on a major show. So, listen out for him at the station, Beatz 96.3 shout him out. 

As you can see, No Mercy is still circulating, get your copy if you  haven't as yet. Thanks again for stopping through, I got some media from Mr Cooper and Siobahn Nicole at the Coruscation House for you. Stay tuned,  blessing  from the Most High!


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