Long Verses With The Pope – Whata Mess

What It Sound Like?

Got another coincidental situation to talk about. I'm aware of how the  internet shortens distance and I usually write about people far away.  I've mentioned tonight's subject before, as I covered Diaz Brothers by Cocareef. Who is from New Jersey. Whata Mess made an appearance on the creative piece, and currently launching his own mixtape. 

Little did I know he lives within fifteen to twenty minutes away from  my rest in West Palm Beach, FL. Mess spills personality across a spread of dope tracks by dope producers. Including a favorite of  mine, DJ Pain 1 and familiar friend Four Limbs, plus we get introduced to some, as  well. I'm feeling the sounds of Drunk, Richie Bane, The Heretic, and  Syer Esso. More rare digs provided by Rob Mil, Lowkey, and Luis Blue.

Whata Mess is a Boom Bap native. After the intro gets under your skin he throws lyrics explaining society's poisons.  The first quarter is very  transparent. He uses himself as the scapegoat facing temptation, fighting to not be a product of the environment. Raw flows embracing his Latin bloodline will impress you.

I like the one-liner style through St. George,as well as  Don't Move An Inch. The artist defends authentic Hip Hop with Johnny Props. Fakes want no parts trying to rebuttal. Features are first class with the revisiting, Nowaah The Flood. Always a pleasure to hear a verse from him. Also show love for RAN introduction, Grone Da Radikal. Who could be heard sharpening steel on two joints with Mess.

The scenes are vivid on LVWTP, some crime scenes, but delivered clearly. Originality is constant, good reason to get to Dat Piff and start downloading. I'm grateful for the positive reactions from readers. May Yeshua bless you!  


At All Costs – John Creasy X Won87

What It Sound Like?

Time is flying. Feels like I wrote about this artist a few nights ago. That's because I did.

Part of the reason the clock is moving so fast is the ethic of John Creasy. Not letting his foot off the pedal since the recent single. For this new anticipated EP, he teamed up with art dealing producer Won87. Together, a true Hip Hop Symphony.

The background ranges with blends from grit to jazz cognac tracks. That always goes good with Piff. When you have such quality production, a dope emcee like Creasy can't miss. He easily gets his point across to the streets, though I must say the bars are sharper than ever. Fans will be heavily impressed with the cadences and wordplay. 

If you don't think those two were enough for a Hip Hop hommi, the guest appearances are some of the underground's Most Wanted list. This consist of Sage Infinite, this rapper has a vivid sound of the Golden Era. Our familiar face, Jamal Gasol slid through and dropped a 31 for the home team. From the PRR camp, Nowaah The Flood delivers that abstract pain.  Keeping the energy going for a fluid project, we got our last feature from Lord Juco, all spittin the code.

AAC is rap that rappers can listen to. So, get right to this. 

God Bless!

Listen To Link Below


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