Vega Arms – Cocareef X Bub Rock X Onaje Jordan


What It Sound Like?

Yea, we're in reel mode, seeing more vid submissions, lately. From the Bandcamp banger, The Diaz Brothers we  heard blends of styles.  Cocareef never  lacks, you also got to see the outcome of  him working with other emcees. Vega Arms is the bonus  feature  with Long Island lyricist, Bub Rock. Listening  to this tune puts me in that good vibe.  Reminds me  of that feeling when rap was right.

Grassroots Hip Hop style with Onaje Jordan looping the foundation for the artists. He found the hardest point of the record to splice, it bangs. Bub is witty and in the zone. Selected slight hesitations at moments paint a picture of the artist feeling at home in the booth.  Reef feeds  the youth  of Hip Hop while he  explains  feeding his  own. Both  figurative and metaphoric meanings.  

The video itself, also uses some blending. Starting with  an American trafficking classic to new age Asian mafioso. Action all across the board. Peep the multi-angled  approach of Hip Hop elements expressed by the  mind  of  Cocareef. Let's not  forget  that  cover created by his artist, Anthony Calixto!

Enjoy this tune and video at YouTube, plus Bandcamp. Actually, recently released in all majors. Share it and follow. Thank you for keeping up with our artists, and site, Jah bless!  


Angel Madness – Cocareef x Wiildcat x Onaje Jordan

What It Sound Like?

Let's keep the family energy going. In the expanding world of Hip Hop people often get the foundation twisted. They misuse terms and associate actions that are not really part of our culture. Which is why I wanna biggup Cocareef for doing things the right way. He is involving his talented children in his movement. Here's an emcee that stays original and keeps concepts flowing.

Already a good ear for tunes, Reef spits from the heart, setting the example for the youth. Younger daughter, Wiildcat takes a piece of the action with sounds from Onaje Jordan. She backs up the 7th Angel adding another element to chorus and adlibs. Wiildcat gives us a fraction of her range leaving the listeners looking forward to more.

Coca doesn't go to the stu to drop something average. Dealing with fire tracks from Ak, you're inclined to think outside the box. The instruments certainly motivate you to put your best foot forward. Then, you have Lajik gathering all the pieces with his precise mixdown.

 More people are feeling the fever of The Diaz Brothers, and they should. Add this smoker to your digital playlists. Thank you for supporting our artists and site. I appreciate all the comments and want the grace of God for each of you!

Diaz Brothers – Cocareef x Onaje Jordan

What It Sound Like?

2018 is almost outta here, it's been special here at Rhyme All Night. So fast, we've covered so many hidden gems worldwide. It's been a lot of good music to keep up with, so we didn't notice the time. Our feature tonight hosts a few of those names contributed to this sped up calendar. 

After a strong campaign of looseys, Cocareef delivers the final product, Diaz Brothers. Themed with Scarface, the cult classic film movie fans crave. Select excerpts play throughout. Not far from the topic, he spits straight addiction over Onaje Jordan signature sound. The Chi-town producer dug deep in the bag, in the stash spot. Without hearing his voice, the tracks speak full of personality. 

Bar Brawl sets the album off with action. A one of a kind single previously posted here featuring the Piff Man, Jamal Gasol. Displaying his craft for the slow paced backgrounds. After they head tap those verses, we're blessed with Angel Madness. If you caught my post on Coke Beam, you know Reef had his daughter Ambishouz lovely vocals. Now we get to meet younger daughter, Wiildcat. Notice her backing the chorus. Recording artists have the coolest "Take your child to work days." Following is another single we discussed at RAN, remember Full Metal Kleptos? Coca and the surreal Killy Shoot ran off with you rapper's fans. 

 This playing field was perfect for Killy. There is a consistency for hard rhymes with melodic instrumentals. My favorite beat might be Swear To Sosa. The guitar riff is dope, that enthusiasm of Cocareef is a great pair. Our boy Deuce Hennessy of Home Team pops up with the uncut  on Stepped On Twice. A cool laid back, slick flow from the duo. Sarcastic Fuk is also a mellow vibe, he shows his lyrical side with witty rhymes.

We head to Queens for a fly verse from Fastlife. He's been appearing on top song lists of the respected. This section of the project has a jazzy feel. Reef understands layers to the music. Things start to get bumpy again with NuGround joined by Whatamess. I'm new to this artist, yet he rhymes with familiarity. Know some Florida Puerto Ricans, myself. 

You gotta dig the name Vega Arms, comfortable thinking the readers have played or know about Street Fighter. This is a deep tune, for the barflies. Opening with highly spoken about Bub Rock. They let the rhymes go with no hook. 7th Angel closes the album with a fundamental Hip Hop approach. His bonus track, U Ignorant bigs up his engineer, managing to incorporate it with the title.  Paying homage is a major part of the culture, it's what the legends did.

Salute to Jordan and Reef for this piece, and the supporting roles. From the sound you could tell why Lajik of Blackouz Rekordingz gets an engineer shout. Get your copy and share. Thank everybody for the time. God bless you and yours!

Coke Beam – Cocareef x Ambishouz

What It Sound Like?

New week started, I hope yours is well. My privileged position in this new element of Hip Hop strikes again. Did I mention, I’m cool with cool people? 

I got another exclusive from Cocareef, the active RAN family member! During his Diaz Brothers run, he dropped off that bag. Accompanied by more family, you know street-viral producer, Onaje Jordan. And it doesn’t get more relative than daughter of  7th Angel, say hi to Ambishouz. Talk nice she’s a young lady, soon to be High School grad, and direct lineage.

Jordan set a foundation cooking with jazz, as Ambishouz harmonics loop along. Head nod factor is up, feel good music you could two step to, even though the lyrics are tuff. Some real valuables being polished in this tune. Coca staying sucka-free, showing you how to stand on your own ten toes. I’m feeling the slick verses with a simplified hook delivery. Some more slick talking going there, as well. My first time hearing the Cocareef Records first lady tonight, Amaya has the red carpet now.Three different talents working together is good for sake of the song, the paper is sure to follow. 

Get to YouTube and leave your early comments. Thanks for staying up with me, you’re forever appreciated. Yahweh blessing!


Cocareef X Killy Shoot X Onaje Jordan Interview

What It Sound Like?

Had the chance to sit down and chop it up with hosts of the new smoker, Full Metal Kleptos. One of the singles recently released from upcoming Diaz Brothers collaboration by Cocareef. A producer cooking up food for the soul.

First off, peace to the squad. Thanks for joining us here at Rhyme All Night!

My first question is for the group. This song brings three states together, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

What’s the love like in your town?

Cocareef: The love out here in Jersey is isolated amongst each movement and artist, not too much Unity, so the reaction from the single is mostly coming from out of state and across the Country, but we have a strong following and support group from overseas. The Reaction to this Team up is Crazy, nothing but positive feedback. This whole album has an All-Star Line-Up Thanks to Onaje sounding the horn out to his Team of Artist.


Onaje Jordan: Chicago is very supportive of our art.  How’s the reaction to the recent team up? The reaction is beautiful. Me, Coca and Killy have separate fan bases and all of them have been supportive.


Killy ShootThe love out here is good, been grinding hard and getting good recognition. The reaction of us getting down is not too surprising because I have worked with Onaje before and have heard a little bit of Cocareef already so when he asked to build on the project it seemed like a dope fit!

RAN: I’m in South Florida, myself. It is a mix of what each of you said. Depending on the town your in, it could be supportive. Then there are some parts don’t want to see someone close to them do well. I feel once the art gets heard, the love overcomes the hate.

Onaje, we need to know what hidden genres do you listen to that inspire your beats?

Onaje: When it comes to digging I have no discrimination. Lately, I have been finding gems in 70’s film scores.


Killy Shoot, how much pressure got relieved after releasing The Killing Time?

Killy ShootIt was a good weight off my shoulders I can admit. To have worked with so many dope producers and put out a well-received product was a dope feeling. That project really drew some good attention and got a few more to listen to my sound.


Where in the realms does all this energy stem from Cocareef?

Cocareef: Lol,  I release all of me into the Music, I let my eccentric side bounce off the walls of the booth and all them voices roaming around can finally be heard with no filter but the one covering my Mic. I let all of my stress out in that studio and when life comes with its everyday bullsh*t, I take it out on the game and Beat the Booth up and come out with another Banga.


RAN: I could sense that in the each of you. From the classic digs by Onaje, I could tell you listen to the entire piece when sampling. I’ve been hearing so much from Killy since the EP, that ethic is paying off. Look how great talents link up like this. All that stress you let out in the stu, Coca channelled some liked minded people.

Often, we feel one way about a song we did, and the listener has a total different vibe. They might even point out qualities we didn’t notice of ourselves.

What is your favorite key piece to your style, and does it line up to your feedback from your fans?

Cocareef: My Trade Mark is my many different pitch voice sounds from growling to screaming or any type of sound I feel like making on the spot, I knew that would be a love or hate thing, so because its dope I’m running with it and take my chances. Nobody doing my style right now so it a great thing but in time the Trendsetting will begin and you will hear other cats doing it, its all evolution in this game of Hip Hop.

Onaje: My favorite part of my style is the samples I discover and chop up. Coming from Chicago I was taught by the greats No.ID and Boogz. There is a certain way Chicago producers chop up samples. We don’t just loop the samples; we use too spread the sample on the ASR keyboard now I spread the sample across the sixteen pads of the MPC. Gives me more control of the samples. The fan feedback is phenomenal. In the past three years, it has been a resurgence in that ol boom bap, sample-based production. I would never think I would have fans. I’m just a dude from Chicago who’s in love with hip-hop.

Killy Shoot: I would have to say my ability to tell a story/street imagery. People say I have a good way of painting a picture of the streets with vivid description.

RAN: I could understand that, being an emcee. I’ve executive produced, but never the beat making process. So I got crazy respect for producers. Honestly, I could see this whole project leading to more trends.

Diaz Brothers is a most anticipated project. Our readers are feeling the early releases, so far.

How’s the reaction been, personally from to the recent team up?

OnajeThe reaction has been crazy. Blogs like this one have been showing a lot of love.

CocareefI can’t complain about nothing, Its been all and only love I felt from everyone that heard of the team up to the all-star cast, line up and not to mention the Album cover I curated and Kris Blade Designed.

Killy ShootThe reaction had been a positive one I think anything I have done with Onaje has been received positive and with Reef our styles contrast very well sonically.

RAN: I was grabbed by the art you curated, Coca. I’m glad you mentioned it. I grasp the concept with the rachets pointed at the receptacle. We know it can be an ugly reality, plugs get booked regular. Definitely biggups to Kris Blade for following your vision on the album cover. I see Anthony Calixto worked on this cover, plus Bar Brawl with you and Jamal Gasol. He’s another favorite here at our site. The track is addicting and the picture painted by the artists is vivid. Hip Hop heads are lucky this connection happened.

Full Metal Kleptos is heating things up in the fourth quarter. The streams are coming in.

How does a live performance sound, in the near future?

Cocareef: Well when it comes to performing that’s not my forte, but since I have some of the best talent and performers already on my team I’ll be rocking any stage we need to.

Killy Shoot: I would def be down to perform, that’s something I would enjoy real talk! 

RAN: It’s official, I’m recommending the people to demand to see yah perform this tune. Jordan gotta be there, as well!

As the week has been going on, there has been some previews from all of you. Tell the All Nighters what you have coming up. Any rappers, producers, DJ’s, or anything we wouldn’t expect?


Cocareef: Here is my Schedule for Cocareef Records ” It’s That Cocareef” Released Already “DIAZ BROTHERS” Onaje Jordan Dropping Around Dec.”CASUALTIES OF WAR” Won87 Dropping Around February ” Untitled” Wavy Da Ghwad Dropping Around April ” Untitled” Rob Dinero Dropping Around May June ..I got Killy Shoot, and Jamal Gasol running strong with me…. Killy Shoot is my Feature Artist for Cocareef Records


Onaje JordanYeah me and the homie Asun Eastwood is finishing up our project “Danger Ally” it should be out before the year closes. Me and Killy Shoot is working on an EP. Also, me and Toney Boi is also working on an E.P. Both should be out early 2019.

Killy ShootI’m finishing up this EP with Free Mind called “The Balance Of Man” I got a project coming with Propha C. More work with Deniro, Filfy and Chuck Chan. A project with Onaje and Deuce more work with General Back Pain.  A feature with you 1 Shot on that Onaje beat, and some more work with Reef. I can’t front I’m steady working a lot on my plate but that’s s cool I prefer that.


RAN: That’s what I love to hear, activity! It’s cool that all of you are working with some of the same rappers and producers. The Cocareef enthusiam over blending with those creative minds is interesting. This movement is serious, the world gotta get ready.  Wavy, Jamal, Rob, Chuck, Won87, Back Pain, and Deuce Hennessy are artists the readers can find in our posts, also. Biggups to Propha C, more of our family over here. Toney Boi is making noise outta Buffalo, salutes to him. Can’t forget Free Mind and Filfy, more talented producers with the tracks. I see you, Onaje been going strong with Asun Eastwood killing it in Toronto. So, we look forward to that new work, especially that new cover by Mr Balaclava. Each of you has some serious heat on the way. I appreciate that shout out, me and Killy got one rolled up with an Onaje track. Still, this interview is about the squad and I can’t wait to hear your new pieces. For now, we’re gonna get into this FMK! 

Thank you, personally Cocareef, Killy Shoot, and Onaje Jordan. This exclusive interview has been fun, and always will be. I want only the best of success for you. To the All Nighters out there, be on the look out these three. Keep them rotating through your playlists. Peace to everyone, God bless!








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