Money.Power.Respect – Sauce Heist x Dirty Diggs

What It Sound Like?

Another busy week, even busier weekend!

Glad to see artists I respect, getting work in. Tonight's topic really needs no intro. Sauce Heist is a gatekeeper in the underground circuit. It is hard to find someone with their ear to the streams, that doesn't know who he is.

Since our last cover, Sauce has fully vested in Dirty Diggs for production of the latest release, Diamond Dust Shoes. His song used for promo really stood out to me, so this post will focus on Money.Power.Respect

The energy is set immediately and kept through the entire tune. The high pitch sample along the heavy boom bap background mirror the piercing voice of Heist. Listen, as he shows dominance over amateur rappers. Street savvy content with a protected rare-jewel polish.

Speaking of "Smell my roses"

expressed by the artist. Our site's purpose is to  provide that platform.

HEIST LIFE is making big accomplishments. Look at the legends that Dirty Diggs are, plus the ones they have produced for. Let's encourage our brothers when the opportunity is there.

M.P.R is dope, the complete album is available on Bandcamp, it already sounds promising. I'm sure the vinyls are on their way, show your support. Thank you, as always. God bless you and yours!

The World Is Piff 1.5 – Jamal Gasol

What It Sound Like?

Music is in the air! Before we start on tonight's album, I want to biggup our subject. Jamal Gasol has left the street life behind, without leaving behind the streets.

A true Hip Hop story, uprising from poverty. Unfortunate setbacks with the law, none of this could stand in his way. Now, Jamal scrambles content on the airwaves.

The latest project is a follow-up. The World Is Piff 1.5 is no let down to its prequel. Get ready for an All-Star production lineup.

Michaelangelo, Halal Seeds, KoolMajorz, Wavy Da Ghawd, Quis Star, Sean SMDSandy Solo, and Ol Man 80zz. The Piff man sharpens his pen from track to track.

It's a blend of boom bap with the right touch of grime. Personally, I feel the way the intro sets the energy for the rest of the album. Two fellow Art Dealers are featured, as well. Illa Dutch and Lord Juco made strong appearances.

Jamal continues to make a statement! His hustle will not be denied. Light up this 1.5 and come back for nothing less than a quarter...

Available In All Stores Listen For Free Below

Hidden Dreamz – Mofohari

What It Sound Like?

I know everyone reading this is looking for something different from the bunch. That's what I been looking for also, today's topic is exactly that. I want to take the time to introduce everyone to a special woman in music.

Mofohari started overseas in the UK, currently resides in New Jersey. With decades of Hip Hop history and knowledge, she has interviewed some of our favorite legends. Through all the years of singing and radio, Mo has established some royal musical relationships. Some appear on the new release, Hidden Dreamz. For example, there is production on the album done by the Da Beatminerz.

Growing up a Black Moon & Boot Camp Clik fan, I never saw the day I would be on the same project as one of them. Yes, that's right, I am also on the album. Appearances by Easy Mo Bee and Dirk Digga, the list goes on. My partner in rhyme, Nyceflix produced the track I'm featured on. So, I think it is impossible to get a wack beat out of this lineup. Plus, there is more!

Mofohari does a great job of working with others, her jazzy voice is a catalyst to the Hip Hop-soul artists she partnered with. HD is a complete range of melody and moods. I feel there is a song for all your emotions here. A smooth positive vibe, along with some flashes of aggressive rhymes. So, I have to biggup the other recording artists. The ladies had such nice voices and it was good to be accompanied by other lyricists.

I could see myself spittin with Nya Thryce, maybe Mo and Yung Miss on the hook. Who knows, maybe I'm dreaming...

Overall, I enjoyed listen to, as well as being a part of this piece. Has elements of that Golden Era that take you back to that feeling. There are plenty of talented individuals working together to make it sound right. Pull up your comfy chair, fill a glass of Merlot and enjoy.

Click Link Below

The White House – Ty Da Dale

What It Sound Like?

Today we talk about an extension of our Featured Artist section. If you have been following the Gasol Sauce or PRR posts, you are familiar with the Heist Life movement. The member we focus on today is Ty Da Dale

What a character, to say the least. Only so much could be said in sixteen bars, he definitely gets his point across. From the active-eerie sounds of Wazasnics, you could tell this track is gonna be a hard one. 

Dale completely delivers with the bars! His pen game is so witty the background of someone who has been through the pain. The sharp lines separate him from gangsta rappers. Attitude to make any imposter uncomfortable. 

Another good thing about The White House, it's part of a deal from the Tokyo Drip tape. Currently, when you buy the album, you get a bonus Camoflauge Monk single. Though Ty is new to some ears, he is not new to the hustle. My word is good, you still have to find out for yourself.

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