Double Feature – The Deity, V


What It Sound Like?

One of the luxuries of underground content is hidden  gems. I feel like this artist says some of  the slickest  lines, and deserves to be on your radar. The Deity, V is   product of a talent  rich, inner city. Newark, NJ   has given us talent and ambition from sports, music,  to politics. We're running with the music for this post. 

Deity is full of character, to say the least. Initially, some  of his art work could be a little spooky. Once you listen  to what he's saying and how, you're gonna be  impressed. He is an emcee that puts as many of his experiences in rhyme, as possible. With all the personality he has, it makes it more likely. Too many people claim swag, personality stands out. I don't know if he knows it, but he has star power.  

Shouts to Ahj, who worked on the production.  Laid back Boom Bap, Lo-fi approach. Deity also put his hand in the mix.  A line that  sticks out to me, "I shine  brighter than what  moths seek"  V brings  you spiritual  flows with slickness. The Lord brought me  through warfare some time back. When I hear the artist, he addresses similar issues. Instead of trying to be gangsta, he's just honest. Much more credible, plenty people could relate. By hearing a talented rapper mention it, they might become more comfortable talking about it.

This is a thinkers tune. Do roll something up while you vibe to this heat. Drink if you have a smooth one. Get your version from Bandcamp, show your support. The more from you, the more beats to buy and studio time. Special thanks to our fans, keep passing through. More on the way for you. As always, I want to see you blessed by the Lord!  


What It Sound Like? 

The shadowy raps continue with this custom edition. Earlier, was a single. Now we get into an EP released by The Deity, V.  He storms in exercising lyrics with cadences involving sacred names. Walking down a narrow path in Kumite produced by Brabus Reed.

The next tune comes through like a winter chill with harmonic loop from NC. Some dope wordplay, as well as Near Rhyme display. An attribute pointed out by fellow blogger Rap Seminar. "Legalize the smoke that way anybody can get it I know" Another sneaky line, it's the punches fighter don't see that get them.

V grabs a track from Heretic for some abstract poetry. Defining himself celestial, betrayed by and undervalued. Knowing his worth, the young lady is expected carry herself upon high. I respect where his mind is at. Adeadly double dose of Venom is a cipher based joint. Taz Grooze and DEMON973 join the freestyle over the laid back beat by NightChild. 

One more soulful track from Heretic carries us out. Hear the record spin through the sample. V gives us a melodic flow. Confidence is proven through the voice inflection. He uses the range of his vocals to his best benefit. Bars are original as his style.

The Deity rhymes in the spiritual realm. The road less traveled in this game over saturated with cartel careers. Mamba is  audio therapy. Something different and authentic. One more pick up from Bandcamp. Thank you to our readers and artists for your confidence. May Yashua bless you eternally!  

InTheRainFlips Ep – A1

What It Sound Like? 

Tonight is about production. The lady who produced me, celebrates her birthday today. Without her, I wouldn't be here. I don't think it  is coincidence that tonight's selection has no emcee, solely a producer. Residing in Arizona by way of South Africa. Yes, that makes him African-American, literally speaking. Our homie, A1 stepped outside the box with this one.

He succeeded where I failed miserably when I tried my hand at beats. He took alternate conclusions beyond expectation. The ability to get so many variations out of a single sound is priceless. So, he sampled In The Rain, by The Dramatics and got four different versions. I can't say that I've seen this done on a public scale. The beauty of the underground, artists are recognized for creativity.

The song itself is a very popular classic. My family used  to play it a lot when I was a kid. It has even been used by other producers. A1 still  manages  to  manipulate  the sounds further. Notice  multiple tempo,  timing plus time  lengths,  as well  as loops,  and break  points. Hip Hop heads  will  be  impressed by  the efforts  without  drums. Hard  to choose  a favorite, I would  most likely rhyme on the second track, though. 

This four pack of Flips is relaxing. The kind of week some of have been having, we need the relief. He even joins the crew for the picture in his variant cover art. Slide  to Bandcamp and get your copy. Follow and share the work of this Black Hand Music Group artist. Pardon me fam, this post was  for last  night. There was a site  issue. Thankfully,  everything is back up  and  running. Also  grateful  for  your  loyalty.  Jah bless all of  you!

Special Thanks – Black Leo Wanta: Resurfaced

What It Sound Like?

Moving in a different direction through this post tonight. I sidelined an album to give the streams a cool EP. It’s been weighing on me to work with these individuals riding with me on the project. They all did what I visualized, and more!

From the heart, thank you:

ProducersOnaje Jordan, Chuck Chan, Robert Deniro, Kelby Clarke (Runway Music Group)

Mixing  Engineer: Kelby Clarke (Runway Music Group)

Artwork: Kevin Fyvie

Film: Lanes – Miles Dixon

Recording Artists: Killy Shoot, Supreme Allah Magnetic, General Back Pain, & Lupus Dei

Thank you to each fan reading and reacting. Salute and thank you to the bloggers that posted Cognac Thoughts: Insomniac Magazine SpitFireHipHop

& Hip Hop My Way  ImaniNewsBlog

God placed everybody selectfully, listen and enjoy!

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As you can hear, the music deserves much more Followers. Click the link to keep up with one the most dynamics upcoming emcees. You like underground Hip Hop with a world-class sound? You will want to hear my new work on the way.

Salute Your OG: N.O.R.E.

"N.O.R.E. Nore stand for Niggas On the Run Eatin."  Followed by a big "What, What" repeated over and over when I was a teen.

Not to age myself or our topic today, let's just say I haven't been a teenager for a while. To give credit where it is due, this brother has carried the torch along the way. To talk about the man, I must talk about his group efforts, as well. Ranging from his rap duo, Capone N Noreaga plus his recent success with instant hit, Drink Champs. Which definitely deserves a shout to rap partner Capone and co-host DJ EFN.

I think back to the debut album, titled N.O.R.E. The moment I hear the chuckle, then he says "The album." I don't know what it meant to everyone else, I almost feel like I know what it meant to him though. The feeling of weight being lifted off your shoulders. Being released from such a mental, physical and spiritual strain. Finally, blessed with the position to use your talent on a major scale.

As I listen to the album this day, it still gives me that battery in my back for inspiration. For someone that was in Queens, you could not go anywhere without hearing "What What, What What, What What, Wh-What" from someone's speakers. You could tell this was the guy from CNN, however his individuality stood out. Though NORE was so Queens, he was a global success. First album went platinum, lead him to a rap career of longevity.

Who knew, the kid speaking Q-U language would appeal to so many. That's what I love about rap, it brings people together. At the time, radio friendly had a whole other sound. Most of N.O.R.E. was grimey, with favorites like Hed along with Body In The Trunk. Still, the entire piece is timeless, I even laugh at Animal Thug now. Speaking of thug, he gave the word more appeal. Back then, I didn't call myself one, was content being considered thugged out.

Currently, I'm cool with most heads I came up with, even ones I met along the way. They love Melvin Flynt, Golden Era rappers, love Melvin Flynt. Reluctantly, Noreaga doesn't share those same feelings with his peers. I am sure he enjoyed parts of it, I understand his point of view. It was a period of hardship resurfacing, not the same poverty struggle. This time a more emotional hit, dealing with the passing of his father. The terrible part is, bill collectors and label executives have no concern for grievance. Overall, Slime felt he rushed the album, didn't get what he wanted out of it.

That was a period with no social media or digital magazines. So, if you wanted to know an artist's opinion, you had to wait. Honestly, NORE may not have been willing to explain that sort of thing to random public people. God's favorite thug still had deeply groomed ways of the streets. Spurts of his colorful personality were revealed occasionally. However, totally adjusting to the camera would take time.

In expression of his personality, Noreaga dropped a Reggaeton album. At a time of celebration, recent deal with the Roc, plus Latin culture was taking off in Hip Hop. Such a move deserved more public praise, instead was criticized. People missed something big while making it the topic of their jokes. What he did, was the same thing rappers do with their Jamaican roots. Plenty hit Reggae / Rap crossovers play presently. It's all good, Slime got the last laugh. Let that joint with Nina Skye come on around your girl. There's not a Latin country where chics don't go crazy to that song.

In all seriousness, stress continued to build over the years,  his freedom on the line. One life threatening incident involving a shootout along with partner Capone, the other  a triple-murder trial. No, he was not accused of the murder, thank God. Though, it was a friend as the suspect. The public has no idea what goes on in the lives of their celebrities, yet constantly take shots at them.

Proven hustler, NORE made the best of his hours. During that period, he landed roles in several films. To name a few, Paper Soldiers, State Property 2 and Paid In Full. In my opinion, this is where the star personality begins to shine. His roles were didn't have the most time in each film, they still packed potency. His music is great, just three minutes and thirty seconds only gives the consumer, so much.

That's why I feel today's podcast frenzy is perfect for the Super Thug. Now we get all emotions covered in all his projects with the natural conversation flow. You can't help to see where the humor in his movie roles came from. The chemistry with main co-host DJ EFN is excellent. The liberty for the guest to get comfortable is what we've been waiting for. This same thing goes on in studios worldwide leading to great material. So, for these guys to capture all that on this type of platform is golden.

Will Drink Champs have the Ali, Jones Jr, Mayweather Jr effect? I really don't know, I just enjoy them making it look so easy. This show is in a class by itself, there are similarities, not necessarily competition. Capone often appears on episodes stating drunk facts. By now, Golden Era fans, along with the Google Babies get to witness all sides of NORE. So when new tunes go up on You Tube, heads flock to it.

To the OG that coined Lefrak as Iraq, who showed the world how to hustle. Five CNN bangin albums, six wave- setting solo albums. I gotta give my thanks for him being a big part of that motivation to use my talents. Coming from someone who raps, works with film and podcasts. I strongly agree with biggin up legends while they are living. Before closing, congratulations on the new food show, can't wait to see it big bro!


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