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What It Sound Like?

Get to talk about some of my favorite things and people. We're sticking to those standards tonight, however one of my new favorites is another blog. A concept that could be used to incorporate Hip Hop in public  schools. A concept with actual  data that could be used to determine the "Best Rapper."

Rap Seminar often words things that I have been thinking, I'm sure the same goes for other emcees. That's right, I rhyme, if  your're that  percent that only knows me for blogs. In fact, their rap-up  on  my  verse was so well, I felt like a fan reading about someone  else. Nuances were pointed out that I wasn't ware of  myself. 

They put me on to emcees I should be listening to or reminded about. If it's someone I know of, it brings a new appreciation for that artist. Usually when it comes to graphs, or university level literature, I'm not so enthused. Bredda Boom bap has  figured out how to make all the technicals so interesting. 

Another thing I used to tell people, music is lyrical, but it consists of  math, as well.  Seminar blueprints this theory from  bar  counts,  rhythmatic syllables, or the Average Rhyme Per Bar. This is no overnight app reader, he is groomed in Hip Hop with decades of cassettes and CDs. Breaking down stream rappers could be done in his sleep.

The way rap is constructed of so many angles, options of speaking direct or poetic. From different regions and social classes, this craft could get confusing. Rap Seminar articulates all the dynamics in a way that is simple to grasp. I would have RS speak for me during an argument with my girl. Defend me in the court of law, haha you the picture.

It really lobbies for Hip Hop in front your corporate and blue collars to a point they have to respect it.  Organically embraced by  the community, also provides  technical  information  on  a  collegiate  level. I'm thankful for this void being filled, as well as being  documented in their archives. 

These rap-ups are  fun,  educational, plus it effectively spreads good  music. I recommend it for readers and emcees. Thank you to the  fans / family. May the Most High bless you continuously!


Young 1s – 38 Spesh Ft. Anthony Hamilton & Che Noir (Prod. DJ Premier)

What It Sound Like?

July has been a special month for music! It just keeps getting better with tunes like this. You already know I'm proud to present this song. Our own featured artist, Che' Noir has landed a sixteen on one of the most recognized albums of the year. 

38 Spesh debut album is not to be slept on and Young 1s speaks volume. Anthony Hamilton came through with a moving chorus, as pure soul pours from his vocal chords. Spesh and Che' spit the hardest verses while keeping it lyrical. To add insult to further injure wack emcees, DJ Premier blessed the beat. 

Songs like this will continue to satisfy the streets and streams. Look forward to seeing more of your favorite artists working with this young lady. Biggups to 38 and Kool G Rap for such a complete project! 

Listen To Link Below

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