Still in the Hood (feat. Rasheed Chappell)

What It Sound Like?

I know there’s been some big gaps between my posts. I’d like to get to them sooner, as well as more articles. While I tackle life quarterback sneaks, new music is constant. What would we do without it?

We’ve got some market movers for you tonight. Jamal Gasol and Rasheed Chappell are names you heard a lot in recent years. They tapped in with advancing producer, Wavy Da Ghawd. Even got some scratching from DJ Eclipse. This joint has Shade45 written all over it.

As bad as rappers want the dream, the rap game ain’t what you expect. These two keep the same mentality that got them through the street’s trials. Life is still a hustle, so vividly expressed over this slapping background. This is a standout tune, nothing typical about it.

I like the team up of emcees, I’m a Wavy fan, plus the vocal samples add to the feel. I didn’t see the Stone Cold lines coming. This is a cool collaboration, they each have a different sound. Gotta appreciate the originality. Give it some spins and pick it up at your favorite digital music store.


ayefro – Atswei Franaalo

This song is amazing!

That type of music you feel. Some parts are from a dialect I don't understand, but it's okay with me. The vibe is still felt through every element of this hit. Atswei Franaalo has a unique style with sounds of Ghana. She has vocals that travel through melody. I have yet to hear a beat she is a stranger to. 

Listen as the artist expresses herself with a party flow provided by DJ Virgin. Another producer to listen out for. Let's pop champagne to this one.

(Kum kum cha) (Kum kum cha)

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